Happy 19th Birthday, Demi Lovato! (PHOTOS)

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What a difference a year makes! Disney starlet Demi Lovato turns 19 today, August 20th, and in celebration we've got a gallery of all her looks over the years!

The last year has been an emotional roller coaster for Demi. Her best friend-turned boyfriend Joe Jonas dumped her in May 2010 - well, technically Joe’s father dumped her. Then in this past November, she checked herself into rehab to deal with “emotional and physical issues.” But that was only the beginning for Demi!

Since she left her Los Angeles rehab facility in January, the entertainer has been slowly but surely making her way back into the spotlight. She hopes that fans will find inspiration from her very public struggles, and understand that issues like eating disorders and depression can go away.

“My fans are dealing with some of the same issues. And if I am a role model, then I need to speak up and be there for them,” Demi told Access Hollywood.

Demi definitely deserves something special to celebrate her nineteen birthday for overcoming so much in the last year, but the actress/musician is opting to spend this Saturday celebrating something extremely different – Kim Kardashian’s wedding! "I'm so excited, Kim's wedding falls on my birthday. So, it's going to be my birthday and I get to spend it at Kim's wedding,” Demi revealed.

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  • Agnes Tam
    Agnes Tam

    U are brave and beautiful both inside and out. Admired u for being who you are today. Happy B-day! Many more years to come :)

  • Agnes Tam
    Agnes Tam

    U are brave and beautiful both inside and out. Admired u for being who you are today. Happy

  • holly

    in that photo her hair looks like its a wig

  • Angie Arroyo
    Angie Arroyo

    I really .. ... I can't imagine my life without u .! Thanks! U are awesome!

  • Angie Arroyo
    Angie Arroyo

    I really .. ... I can't imagine my life without u .! Thanks!

  • DianaReyes

    you are cutee sou pretty. ♥

  • DianaReyes

    I love you Demii you are the best come on girl dont lisent of the other people talk to you you are tha number 1!!!

  • beth

    I think Demi lovato has changed so much. I hate it .... she used to be so awesome and innocent.now she's a slut.

  • Emiiiii

    demi ur an amazing girl and eventhough u were at rehab doesnt mean ur bad or stuff i love ur music it really touches me and makes me wanna stand up 4 myself i believe in u and i will always will ur and awesome person!!!!!! have a great bday

  • sonya

    I liked the truth but when it was that simple, is now a more hollywood plastic

  • Natalia

    me to i love this dress!!

  • grace

    She looks stunning in that dress !!

  • grace

    She's so beautiful!

  • Natalia


  • maryamcullen

    I like her dress!!

  • Zeegirl

    Happy birthday demi i wish you long life and prosperity in your career

  • sara cary
    sara cary

    Happy birthday demi hope you enjoyed your day love your acted glad to see you are getting better

  • Jessica

    I love you demi Lovato and I hope you have a great birthday I wish I could meet you some day could you I'm screaming out my window happy birthday demi Lovato olive you

  • nesee

    happy birthday demi lovato you are my insperation from nesee

  • Breanna

    Happy Birthday Demi Hope you have a wonderful birthday Cant wait for ur new album to come out

  • Kydra

    Happy Birthday Demi! You're a true hero :)

  • Karen Calderon
    Karen Calderon

    Happy Birthday Demi I Love U So Much & I Wish U A Wonderful Day I Love Ur Music!!!!! <3

  • Haley

    Happy Birthday Demi i love u!I m an 11 year old girl from Pakistan and i love u most! 

  • Nisha

    OMG!! Happy birthday Demi!!! I love u and UR music!! I'm glad ur finding your way back!! Many people think of you as an idol including me! You r a role model! And wow KIM KARDASHIAN'S WEDDING!! that must be really exciting!! I am proud of you and wish for u to continue to success!! <3

  • ade954


  • annoymous

    happy birthday Demi have a good 19th birthday :)

  • Demis #1 fan!
    Demis #1 fan!

    I luv ya Demi! Have an amazing birthday cuz u really deserve it! Cant wait for your album<33333 Lotsa <3, Your #1 fan!

  • Airam zepol
    Airam zepol

    happy birthday demi lovato you're the best you're bautiful.

  • Mya age 9
    Mya age 9

    Happy nineteenth birthday demi you are my roll modle you were born to be a star im always thinking about you and i wish you the very best. you make me happy. x

  • Tina

    Happy birthday Demi enjoy and I agree having your birthday with Kim is a wonderful thing ...

  • emily

    Happy sweet ninteen demi iwish you the best iam a biggest fan of all love you

  • Amirah

    Happy birthday, Demi Lovato! You've been blessed with so many people around you, worldwide, and may all your wishes come true!! Remember to stay strong :)

  • That girl
    That girl

    We love you Demi! Happy Birthday! You are an amazing girl and 19 is a age for something new.Party your a$$ off at Kim's wedding. Live life to the fullest and keep staying strong. Muah <3

  • maryamcullen

    So Cool!!

  • maryamcullen

    She is really so preety!!

  • DemiFan

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEMI!! i Am a HUGEE fan i love you SOOO much hope u hve a nice birthday you probably won't see this, but I LOVE YOU!!

  • #1fanofDemi

    Demi, I love you so much ! Happy birthday Dear!!! :) You are totally my inspiration !

  • DemiLovatoFan

    Happy birthday demi! I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan! Hope your birthday is amazing!

  • Mahelet Lovato
    Mahelet Lovato

    Happy 19th Birthday

  • Sara

    Lets make #WATCHSYSCRAPER4DEMI and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEMI a TT on Twitter, she deserves it


    happy birt day demi i am a biggest fan of yours vry much .......i have all albums,posters,muic videos etc every thing just happy 19th birthday

  • Ana Ana Watson
    Ana Ana Watson

    happy birthday demi. I want you to have a tour around the world, for example in macedonija.

  • allison

    happy bday dem dem have a good one love ya cant wait 2 here about it

  • damilola

    happy b"day demi!!!hop u avng a great b"bay parry..love you

  • Sara

    Yay HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEMI is a TT on Twitter! And WE LOVE DEMI were a TT too. I am SO exited for Demi's third album, Im so gonna buy it :) HAPPY BIRTDAY DEMI YOU ARE THE BEST, AND YOU DESERVE THE BEST