Kim Kardashian Leaves For Her Wedding Wearing All White (PHOTOS)

The big moment is almost here, as Kim Kardashian makes a dash to the altar! The bride to be was snapped leaving her hotel by a throng of paps eagerly awaiting to capture her last moments as a single woman! Her soon-to-be hubby Kris Humphries was also photographed arriving to the venue.

Natch, Kim was in all white. She wore a fitted sweatsuit that read: "Mrs. Humphries." As she made her way out amongst the sea of photogs, sis Kourtney tried to shield her from photographers with a Juicy Couture clothes bag.

Friends and family have descended upon in Montecito, California for the ceremony -- many staying at nearby hotels where they were taken by shuttle bus shuttled to the private estate where the wedding will take place. It appears this is a high security event!

Reports from the scene say there are men in black wearing ear pieces and mics surrounding the property.

There are also metal detectors placed around the lot where guests are being picked up -- cell phones and cameras are prohibited, but we hope to see some twitpics from the big night!

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  • Virginia guevara
    Virginia guevara

    Love you Kim..Im so happy for you!!

  • Henrique Pahkis
    Henrique Pahkis

    Kim ♥

  • Agaba Sax
    Agaba Sax

    Nyce couple! Lov u kim

  • Nicole

    it's all about camera time...and of course, money. Nothing is sacred with this family. I use to like them, but their greed is just too much for me. Can I get the link to their charity? thx

  • lydia

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  • Evie

    Seriously, who cares. They are all so overrated anyways. This is not going to last. Am gonna be generous and give them 11 months. He's will be sick and tired of her by then, if he already isn't.

  • Ash

    Who cares

  • swaps

    Why are they shelling out so much money for Kim's wedding?

  • Brittney

    haha! Omg they are really making this a royal wedding 2! Love the kardashians :)