Kris Jenner’s Heartfelt Message to ‘Dearest Kimberly’ on Her Wedding Day


After months of planning, Kim Kardashian's wedding day is finally here!

The 30-year-old reality star and her basketball playing beau Kris Humphries are set to tie the knot today (Saturday) in what is sure to be a lavish ceremony.

The Kardashians are one of the closest families around, so Kim's mom Kris Jenner took to her blog to share a heartwarming message on this special day.

"Kimberly, I still remember you as a little girl playing dress up in my closet like it was yesterday!! I can’t believe the time has flown by so fast... I am so very proud of you and I am so happy you have found such happiness!

 I know you and Kris will be very happy together and you have found someone to grow old with. You will always be my little princess angel, and you are going to make the most amazing wife. You are truly blessed.

I love you with all my heart, Mommy xo"

Everyone together now --  aww!

Such a sweet message!

Are you excited for Kim to get married today? Share your well wishes in the comments, or if you're feeling creative, click here!

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  • Emily Kohler
    Emily Kohler

    hey kim i am so happy you are getting married to a NBA basketball player and you have a wonderful time at your wedding enjoy your time there

  • KymmLisa

    The rehearsal dinner will have lasted longer than this wedding! Mr. Kardashian will get tired of his wifey out clubbing every night while he's out of town earning real money playing basketball, not reality money for showing off her body! She's as fake as her stepdad's face!!!

  • Asha Okelo
    Asha Okelo

    so why is this wedding special? they are making it seem like this is Kim's first marriage...ohhhh lets forget it ever happened pshhhhhhh "how yuu duin?" (wendy williams voice)

  • claudialimon

    omg she looks very cutee i love him have fun kim :) you know if you will not happy with kris stop and go to find somebody else just saying

  • meeemee

    um... did mommy dearest issue this message at Kim's first marriage? or did she issue a message at the time of Kim's first divorce? And btw, did she issue a message at Kloe's wedding? Way to show your pimpness mommy kris. Such disgusting creatures.

  • Lynn C.
    Lynn C.

    Kim, may you and Kris have many happy years together! I wish you both all the best and your family, too.

  • Nicole

    pimp mom is just hoping to manage Lurch & get her 10%, there's nothing real or genuine about any of them. No, I won't give them my time or ratings.

  • MsA

    A strange message considering that this isn't her first marriage, Kim has married and divorced one man already.

  • Morena o
    Morena o

    Have a happy and a healthy couple life Kimmy may God bless your union!!

  • missdi

    Reggie Bush all the way. This guy is freaking ugly and doesnt seem to have much personality. I think this brings her stock way down Now her and Reggie that is a show I would watch!

  • Pauline

    Happy wedlock Kim & Kris! GOD will surely bless ur union! Congratulationsand av all the fun!

  • kokopuff

    Ugh gag me with a spoon. I give this marriage enough time to air on E. Then it will be over. If Kim was marrying Reggie then it would have been a diff story. Kris look like a dam cave man.

  • Isabel Alejandra Díaz
    Isabel Alejandra Díaz

    I'm so excited!!