‘Lemonade Mouth’ Cast Makes Romance Requests at the D23 Expo 2011 (PHOTOS)

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Lemonade Mouth fans, rejoice!

Part of the cast of the popular summer movie hit up the D23 Expo 2011 on Friday afternoon to host a special meet and greet with all of their most loyal fans and talk about future plans for the band — and Celebuzz was there to get all the scoop!

Adam Hicks, Chris Brochu, Hayley Kiyoko and Blake Michael had fun dishing on their new revelations and even made a few romance requests for Lemonade Mouth 2!

Three members of the newly formed band, Lemonade Mouth, and a member of their competition (Brochu) proved there that there is no real life rivalries between the two as they were seen dancing and high-fiving each other in front of onlooking fans.

“It just hit me. People know who I am. Everything is coming into place. I’m living my dream. This is the moment I’m realizing it,” Michael told Celebuzz. He also talked possible storylines for Lemonade Mouth 2, admitting, “I wouldn’t mind if Charlie finally got that kiss from Mohini.”

Michael wasn’t the only one requesting some romance, though. Brochu was prepared with his own suggestion, revealing to us, “It’d be sweet if Ray and Stella got together because they’re such rivals.”

All is fair in love and war? We can’t wait to see what Lemonade Mouth 2 brings to the table!

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