Love the Look: Weekend Roundup! (PHOTOS)

Sister Style Showdown!
Kim Kardashian & Khloe Kardashian Style Showdown
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Our favorite looks from the week span all occasions, even a wedding rehearsal! From Charlize Theron to Kim Kardashian to teen Elle Fanning, check out the gallery to see our Love the Look picks of the week and beyond!

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To get a closer look at these styles, check out some more photos after the jump!

Per usual, Kim K. was a show stopper in white for her wedding rehearsal on Thursday with groom Kris Humphries in tow. 

At the Do Something Awards, we couldn't keep our eyes off Kristen Bell's one-shoulder minidress! 

Lastly, our fave 13-year-old fashionista Elle Fanning made a fashion statement at a Los Angeles mall. Gotta get this dress!



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  • Angel

    SEXAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!leave the sex hair alone!it suits him very well!lolhe's gorgeous, tletnaed, musical, charming, down-to-earth, modest, funny, sexy!!!!!ahhhhhhhhh i can go on and on and to top it all off he has the BEST BRITISH ACCENT that just makes me MELT!!!

  • Javier Sandon Rojas
  • Simbarashe

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  • Rasheed

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  • mileyismylife


  • carmensherri

    I just LOVE Khloe's dress !!!

  • luvlyhoneybabe

    I'm sorry but I don't like this dress on her.

  • sayimsha

    I am in love with how this looks on her! Beautiful!

  • sayimsha

    Nooooooooo! This looks like an 11 year old girls Sunday school dress.

  • sayimsha

    I am IN LOVE with this neckline! GOR-GEOUS!

  • sayimsha

    Go K.Bell! This looks BEAUTIFUL!

  • sayimsha

    This outfit looked nice until my eyes got down to her shoes.

  • sayimsha

    This is cute. Id totally wear it!

  • sayimsha

    I like Kourtneys outfit better than Kims. I feel like Ive seen Kim in this 10 times.

  • sayimsha

    This oufit is very cute minus the boa thing she got around her neck.

  • sayimsha

    She looks nice but I'm not impressed.

  • sayimsha

    Now it is hard for me to say anything positive about Renee Zellweger when it comes to looks, because she is NOT by ANY means a pretty woman to me, but she looks nice here. The dress looks good on her.

  • Regina Taskin
    Regina Taskin

    she look better with aging ; )

  • Regina Taskin
    Regina Taskin

    How can God make a girl life so perfect...look at her, beautiful face, beautiful body,amazing career, beautiful husband n baby and now beautiful dress !! arrghhh

  • Regina Taskin
    Regina Taskin

    i would love to wear that dress..beautiful

  • Regina Taskin
    Regina Taskin

    wow she look stunning !


    dont see how this works as an over the weekend shots cause she was in new zealand at a rugby game in the weekend. this is stupid.

  • Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel
    Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel

    This look is awful!!

  • meatfolly

    Is there any look this site doesn't love?

  • markella

    She looks gorgeus here!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • n

    love the jacket :D

  • Charlie

    Sexy Look. She looks like Adriana Lima, can I know her Name.Sorry for this question.

  • lydia

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  • raychelhun

    shes so pretty,would just love to have her figure

  • chanel500

    The dress is ok but the shoes...I don't know maybe i'm not good in this fashion thing but this shoes are just awful.

  • chanel500

    I'm shocked that there's no live stream from Kim Kardashian wedding. They share with the whole world almost every part of their lives so why not this? Oh, maybe it's too soon and in the near future it'll hit the web?

  • Alisa

    seriously? what's so great about this look other than being sloppy?