Justin Bieber Skips Kim Kardashian's Wedding to be With Selena Gomez!

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Although Justin Bieber got an invite to Kim Kardashian's wedding, the "Baby" singer decided to skip the festivities. Sources tell Celebuzz that he  stayed on the East Coast and attended Selena Gomez's concert instead. Aww! (The two lovebirds were even spotted playing basketball before her show.) There is some speculation that he decided to stay with his gal because he wasn't given a +1 to the wedding.

Do you think Bieber should have attended Kim's wedding? Sound off in the comments.

Earlier in the day, Bieb's manager Scooter Braun tweeted his support to the happy couple, adding he wouldn't be attending:

"Congrats to @KimKardashian. have a great day. wish we could be there but we know you will be smiling all the way to the alter! cheers!"
Though Justin reportedly wasn't there to serenade Kim, we're sure she had plenty of fun with her other celebrity guests, who included Demi Lovato, Babyface, Vera Wang, Mario Lopez, Mark Ballas, Ciaro and Carmelo Anthony, Eva Longoria, and Eduardo Cruz, Alan Thicke, Maria Menounos, Sugar Ray Leonard, Kathy Lee Gifford, Brit Gastineau, Greta Van Sustren, Jillian Barberie, Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne, Scottie and Larsa Pippen, and Dina, Ali and Lindsay Lohan.

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  • promzy dawn
    promzy dawn

    i think i'll follow hunderd percent,this her life she can do whatever she want,we all write as if we are perfect.am not a fan hers but she is on top of the list.love u.

  • promzy dawn
    promzy dawn

    you should probably wait till you u are 18 then u decide what u want ur bf to do.love;;;;


    You tell em @beastinsteph! <33333 i support your responses

  • Beastinsteph

    Why couldnt justin bieber go to her wedding? its once in a life time. there are plenty of selena gomez concerts. but not plenty kim kardashian weddings. really now? c'mon.

  • Beastinsteph

    Oh and the world doesnt revolve around her? Today it did. Its her special day and she can do what ever the fuck she wants with that money. HER WEDDING NOT YOURS. get to know someone before you judge them, or sociaty will be doing the same to you. This is how the game go, step ya game up hoes. Shes what she is becuase society is fucked up

  • Beastinsteph

    You all needa shut the fuck up and quit hating on Kim, Im no fan but Excuse the fuck outta me. Its her life and who are you to judge her for her past? Youre jelous because shes out there looking gorgeous, and youre here writing shit about her behind a computer screen. Really? reality check. but get a life and stop obsessing over the internet and gossip

  • esther

    hi i like the music and my name is Esther

  • sofia

    then f it doesent revolve around her why are you reading you dumb ass . jesus people these days are so rediculous man ugh smfh

  • haha


  • haha

    oh common! its only a day.. obsessed much? thats so rude of him! he's always with selena. im not against with their relationship but honestly they act as if they are married already. cant they be separated even for a day? ughh.

  • Vanessa

    Oh my gosh how dare him

  • Natalie

    i think its cute of Justin to stay with Sel, but i would have loved more hot photos of him ;) plus i thought him a Kim K were friends? He can hang out with Selena anytime...

  • Elennie

    I think that is so cool because you spend a night with your girl friend alone when I am 16 I will want my boyfriend to do that

  • Crystal Alexis Avalos
    Crystal Alexis Avalos

    justin bieber should have defenatly attended because it was the wedding of a lifetime enybody would die to go but bieng as sensitive and lovable as justin i understand why he did that hes too sweet to just leave his girlfriend if she want invided!!!!!!!!!

  • Victoria

    Hi bieber ! U should go there. Well...take care of ur health.


    That's pretty rude...i agree wiith reagan above^. I bet Justin thinks that going to selena's concert instead of Kim's wedding is romantic and cool. I'll wait till they both break up and i'll be laughing my ass off

  • Julia

    you know what? Not all Selena haters are jealous. And I hate how if you hate a celebrity you're automatically "jealous" I hate Selena and I'm proud. I hate Selena for lots of reasons, not cause of Justin Bieber. And I'm dissapointed in Justin. This was a wedding that Justin shoiuld've attended and Selena still would've been there when he got back.

  • Nani

    Omg I am so happy for the love birds :) I love that Kim gets 2 be with the man she loves for the rest of her life :)

  • reagan

    im so disappointed n justin for missing the wedding if i was selena i wud of told him to go. selena will have more concerts but kim only gets married once,

  • Lilly

    How romantic Justin!!!!! :) If I were Selena I would love that!

  • lexi

    I think that it is so sweet that he skipped the wedding to hang out with selena. I wish my boyfriend skipped hanging out with his buddies to hang out with me.

  • Ana

    Your so cute Justin

  • suzette298

    I'm sorry are you like a psychic or a stalker because I'm pretty sure you don't what their feeling. Your just another Selena hater because your mad she is with Justin. I don't understand how you guys feel you can dictate who Justin can date. He dates whoever he wants too just like you guys will date whoever you want too. P.S. is it the end of the world because he didn't go to Kim's wedding? No, it's not. I highly doubt she making a big of a fuss as you guys are. She's only worried about now is that honeymoon and getting her freak on, not who came and didn't show up.

  • suzette298

    who is to say Justin will invite Kim to his wedding. Stop hating on Selena. Your just soo jealous. That's why your hating on a girl you never met and probably never will. I think your comment is stupid because alot of people hang out with people older then them. I don't see anyone here talking crap about Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher or Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey their some years about. Selena is only 2 years apart. Noone ever says anything about a guy who is 18 dating a 16 year old. Or a guys who is 19 and dating a 17 year. Stop with the double standards.

  • suzette298

    the thing is Kim isn't Justin's best friend. We haven't seen pictures of them together in over a year except for the Do Something Awards. Of course a non-celeb would kill to go to a celebs wedding. If we were in his shoes or any other celebs shoes we might not feel the same way.

  • SA

    I love justin but i think what he did is stupid. i would kill to go to kim's wedding!

  • suzette298

    You guys are soo dumb. Who are you to dictate whether Justin should do something or not? How many of us actually go to everything were invited too? I've been invited to weddings too but didn't go and hung out with my friends instead. It's not that big of a deal. Kim probably didn't even notice he wasn't their. Get over yourselves. Look who all came all adults, how is a 17 year old suppose to fit in with 19 and older. Scooter didn't go, so why would Justin go. If Scooter went, guaranteed Justin would have went with him. So all of ya'll get over yourselves, leave him alone and leave Selena alone. You all act like you have dissed your friends/family to be with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

  • stalkeeerrr

    Thats rude of justin to do that! Seriously What if justin was getting married wouldnt he want kim to be there probly kim would bail him just like justin bailed her now there gonna be enemies wow justin why did you hang out with selena gomez she fucking 19 that disgusting selena ur a skank x)

  • mikayla

    Wow its sad he didn't come to the wedding...but sweet he was with selena they are adorible...jelena forever!!!!

  • Lydia

    That was stupid cuz she obviously doesn't love Justin as much as he loves her, but it's not his fault, he is in love.

  • Tara

    His first love is way more important than watching some no talent -wanna-be waste $10 million dollars. When there are millions of hungry children right here in the USA people actually celebrate waste. America will soon learn a very hard lesson.

  • Nicole

    You of all people should NOT be calling anyone a dumbass. The world does NOT revolved around Kim KarTrashian, she is just a media wh0re & everyone knows that to be a fact. Her idol J-Lo didn't show up, awww haaa! But instead, people like the Lohan's did, hilarious!

  • H. Menkinz
    H. Menkinz

    What a fucked up grammar

  • Jen

    What?! Go to school.

  • Shweta Kumari
    Shweta Kumari

    if he ws nt dere he is a dumbass!!

  • Shweta Kumari
    Shweta Kumari

    he havnt dn r8

  • biteme

    who cares?