Kim Kardashian Wedding Photo: First Look! (PHOTO)

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The world just got their first look inside Kim Kardashian’s wedding, and judging by the E! footage, it was as over-the-top gorgeous as you pictured it to be.

With diamonds dripping from her tiara and a flowing white dress, Kim was stunning in her Vera Wang gown and smiled like the happiest bride in the world as she and Kris Humphries stood at the altar awaiting their nuptials. The aisle even had steps — a brave move for a high-heeled bride, but Kim made it all the way down with no issues thanks to stepdad Bruce Jenner on her arm

Kim’s nephew Mason was the adorable ring-bearer, and he won the crowd over after he dropped the pillow as he made his way down the aisle — but quickly recovered and completed his task.

E! was the first to air any footage from inside the wedding, and they’ll continue to do so over the next few days while People magazine will have exclusive photo coverage in their issue that will hit newsstands this week.