Snooki Brings the 'Jersey' to Wet Republic in Las Vegas (PHOTOS)

snooks does vegas!
Snooki Hosts Wet Republic Pool Party in Las Vegas

From the Jersey Shore to Las Vegas, Snooki never misses an opportunity to party it up!

The 23-year-old reality star stopped by Wet Republic at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas over the weekend to enjoy in some pool party festivities. Still showing off her Jersey roots, despite being in the city of sin, Snooks was rocking a head band and animal print suit.

It looks like Snooki had a little bit too much fun in Vegas! (But let's be honest, who doesn't?)

She tweeted:

"Vegas killz me lmao. N don't correct my english cuz I say what I want n I make up my own languagez, bitches. :)"
We're sure she'll recover in no time!

Check out the rest of the photos in the gallery!



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  • Don Boyd
    Don Boyd

    Snooky looks like my uncle

  • Coldcowboy

    Snooki has a body that looks just like the body of my pregnant cow!

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  • SJ

    so jealous! wish i could make tones money for acting like a drunk fool...

  • Jennifer Caskey
    Jennifer Caskey

    why are her lips pressed together in every picture.....doesn't she know that looks stupid!!??!!

  • danyy

    Ok, she's "not fat", but that doesn't give her the right to wear anything she wants. She should at least wear something that's flattering and doesn't make her look like she charges 20 for the job...

  • kamiluccha

    hot !! :)) <33 :*

  • courtneybaaaby

    fuck up bitch, snooki's not fat, do you know how hard it would be to be super skinny at her height, she is small, and her body is great, anyways girls with a bit of beef are more attractive than those anorexic, small breasted girls on the runway.

  • courtneybaaaby

    beautiful girl you are snooki

  • Marissa

    Snooki looks awful she shouldn't be wearing that. instead of spending all her time pretending to be Italian and looking for the worst outfits she can find she should go to the gym and lose some weight.

  • Liz

    I think she looks better than ever. Hopefully she keeps working out and cutting down on the alcohol. The bathing suit is tacky though.

  • Jatoya Termon
    Jatoya Termon

    idk people be hating on Snooki lol.. i think tht bathing suite is cute!

  • Alyssa Brooke Fermin
    Alyssa Brooke Fermin

    Ohh my gawd! nay nay nay! gross!

  • Samantha A Ledger
  • Renee Hale
    Renee Hale

    ugly just cause it comes in your size dont mean you can rock it

  • Henrique Pahkis
  • Renee Hale
    Renee Hale

    ugly just cause it comes in your size dont mean you can rock it

  • Annie Gouge'
    Annie Gouge'

    eeww what are you wearing are you drunk?????? and your hair i thought u were losing weight??? omg its VEGAS..........