Brad Pitt Drives New Ride, a Chevy Camper! (PHOTOS)

When you're running from zombies, you don't care what you're driving! Brad Pitt shot some scenes in an old Chevy camper van in Edinburgh, Scotland over the weekend for his movie World War Z. 

While Pitt was of course in the driver's seat, his female costar Mireille Enos was on the passenger side. In addition to the Chevy looking super dated, the windows were a little busted up. That what happens when you're running from zombies!

Photographers have been snapping the actor on set since the beginning of shooting. The movie is based on a Max Brooks’ novel about a global war against zombies. IMDB describes the film’s storyline as: “A UN representative, writing a report on the great zombie war, interviews survivors in the wake of World War Z."

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  • Bobbie Adams
    Bobbie Adams

    I just absolutely love Brad(and Angelina too). But I hadn't even heard of this "World War Z" 'til I got a gossip txt on my phone a cpl days ago. Still don't know what its about, but if it's got Brad in it I know it will be awsome! Love you Brad! You & Ang are the best. I hope to meet ya'll someday.That'd be my dream come true. God bless you both.