Brittny Gastineau: I Caught Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Bouquet!

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Brittny Gastineau in a fierce photo shoot.
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Everyone has been asking if it’s true that I caught the bouquet at Kim Kardashian’s wedding — and the answer is YES! I am so excited that I am next, LOL! Now I just need to find my Mr. Right.

Kim caught the bouquet at Khloe’s wedding and look what happened! Now I just need some of that Kardashian good luck to rub off on me. 

For Kimmie’s big day, I designed my own dress.

I was going for a Grecian glam goddess feel, of course paired with Gastineau Glamour jewelry. I wore the flamingo cuff bracelet and one of my favorite items, the snake ring!! 

Also, I designed a fab princess crown ring inspired by Kim… Do you like?

Such an amazing night and I couldn’t be happier for Kim.

p.s. In this pic, you can see me with designer Rachel Roy, Simon Huck and Tyler, Hot 97’s Angie Martinez and my mom — wearing vintage Chanel and Tres Glam jewelry — all getting ready to hit the shuttle to the wedding!

Xoxo Britt