Lindsay Lohan Wears White Plunging Dress at Kim Kardashian's Wedding (PHOTOS)

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After a turbulent year, Lindsay Lohan decided to hit one of the biggest events of the year, namely Kim Kardashian's wedding. The actress wore a plunging, low cut Marilyn-style dress with crystal details on the back. The flowing white Alice Temperley gown showed off LiLo's assets and bronzed tan.

Looking elegant and glamorous, Lindsay and her mother Dina posed for several photos before Kim & Kris Humphries said "I do."

Lindsay reportedly attended the reception as well. She partied the night away with the blushing bride and groom -- until the city fire marshal pulled the plug on the festivities around midnight after they received complaints about the noise.

Earlier this month, the Mean Girls star attended Kim's bridal shower with her mother and sister Ali, who are all close family friends of the Kardashians.



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  • Nikki Richie
    Nikki Richie

    Yes it's rude to wear white to someones wedding!! The gown Linsey is wearing needs to be partnered with a bra, the girls looking abit saggy. All that money they got and they can't look any better than this SMDH! The hair on both has got to go...

  • meatfolly

    You have got to be kidding me. Has she never heard that it is in bad taste to wear white to wedding, especially a long white dress! They both look like freakin streetwalkers. Has LiLo not looked in the mirror to see how horrible that hair and her skin color are? Can't believe she pays to look like that. So trashy - both of them.

  • Angelica

    She needs to work on herself & not look like she just hit the crack pipe before making ANY public appearances.. Just sayin!

  • mcfrocke

    Well while I don't mind the dress being white to someone else's wedding, it should at least fit. Looks like it needed a good tailor; seems like it was made for someone much taller as the shoulder straps are way too long.

  • Auds

    Good lord those girls are ugly, and they look fake as all get out. I wonder if Dina's teeth are bleached to hell & back or just veneers? Lindsay clearly just got her lips done and it looks awful.

  • Auds

    Oh my God... I don't think there is enough makeup in the world to help this girl anymore...

  • Auds

    apparently Kim required wedding guests to wear white and/or black ONLY. i'd have gone with black, it's tacky to wear white at a wedding! weird!

  • Auds

    It's not a good sign when your mom looks younger and healthier than you.

  • Roberto de la Cruz
    Roberto de la Cruz

    lindsay love your dress-you look real good-and your mom

  • KK

    THAT is a terrible thing to matter what...

  • KK

    such a sad and misguided life...and I so loved Parent Trap 2...what happened to childlike wonder and innocence?

  • ryarya

    I think , when she was a red, and fuller she got the vote, now she just ...........blah

  • ryarya

    Lindsay looks like a beauty pageant reject :( so sad.

  • Michelle Tressler Diaz
    Michelle Tressler Diaz

    Sorry, but she does not look sober. Not in the least. It's sad, she used to be adorable and now she's just spiraling out of control. Someone needs to get a handle on her before she ends up like Amy Winehouse, but I don't think there's anyone near her who wants to help. Sad, sad story that will end tragically if she can't turn it around.

  • courtneybaaaby

    Lindsay Lohan has saggy titties

  • genejoe

    What kind of j@ck@ss are you? The girl is battleing addiction ------ and it appears that she is on the straight and narrow.It is the HARDEST thing anyone could ever do (overcome addiction). I give her credit just for showing up, sober, with her head held high. Good for her.

  • mzreal

    she looked very nice in the movie called freaky friday now she looks like and 50 yr old trailor park hoe

  • CeCe

    Lindsey looks absolutely great. Very healthy & beautyful! Too bad people can't see the the great things in people & say the good when it is in front of them. Give her the credit that is due her. If not keep your mouth shut. How about that......... CeCe NYC

  • vic

    it's the blonde hair color...too severe...makes Lindsay and her mother look too, too old. Eyebrows are too dark. Read somewhere the other day that Lindsay had Restylin injected into her cheeks and lips for the wedding. Mom's teeth are too fake Chiclets

  • Ron

    She looks beautiful...her parents are such takers. Wish her the best on a healthy life.

  • Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel
    Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel

    Jamie, Kim & her new husband actually asked people to do that. The theme was black & white. Any who, as for LiLo's face, it looks like a MAJORLY failed attempt to look like Megan Fox. Give it up Lindsay.

  • JFG

    Really needs to fix the top of her dress! Not attractive at all! Saggggggyyyy!

  • Nancy Burian
    Nancy Burian

    How old is Lindsay Lohan now? Because she sure looks about 35 now and haggard! Hey Lindsay, you better change your ways because your getting old looking pretty fast these days. You and your mom look like sisters. (meaning you look like your moms age) .

  • Chris

    Anyone notice how in almost EVERY photo she's hanging onto the rail, or counter top? She looks drunk out of her mind and ready to fall over with the first gentle breeze.

  • JamieG

    who wears white to a wedding BESIDES the bride?

  • leanne

    rule #1: you don't wear a white dress to someone else's wedding...

  • Coty's Wife
    Coty's Wife

    She looks so sick she is so ugly now she was ok a long time ago but god she has got nasty looking

  • anyone

    exactly! i saw this pictures and im in shock! she was gorgeous

  • anyone

    what happened to her lips? and smile?! where's gorgeous lindsay?!

  • MJ

    This girl did it just for attention she was pretty just the way she was. All this Hollywood stuff is just pathetic and people who follow it are as sad as they are. Kardashians are making money just from people watching their lives and have none of their own.

  • Erik Giles
    Erik Giles

    She used to be hot; effed it up with plastic surgery, too bad. She would have been hot for years.

  • Ralph

    I think mom looks better than daughter

  • elisa

    how sad all that money and she has no self esteem, she is quite beautiful, but feels she has to adjust to the ugly world of hollywood, how sad. hey lindsey, get away, go to the country and reconnect with natrure, our true mother. -Peace and u are naturally beautiful, God makes no imperfections that man claims to make perfect, u were born perfect

  • elisa

    is she high? i think so

  • Moxie

    Mom looks like a Sea Hag!

  • Moxie

    Geez! Her mother looks younger than she does.

  • ash

    they both look SUPER cheap and tacky.. their "friendship" speaks volumes about these classless people.

  • ash

    elegant and glamorous??? you need a dictionary.

  • GG

    Lindsay, get a new hair color and stylist; your skin looks greasy. Your're much too young to be hanging out of your dress. This is neither the time or place to be on the prowl. Choose black the next time; white is not good on you.

  • David N MO
    David N MO

    the poor girl has so messed up her life. Very few of those kids are equipped to handle that kind of money and it ruins them. Hopefully she'll live thru this and turn her life around.

  • GG

    Lindsay, get a new hair stylist and makeup artist. That hair color is not good for you and your complexion looks greasy. The pouting look isn't flattering to you either. Nice body but not the time or place to be on the prowl.

  • Lady Bug
    Lady Bug

    Is she sick? Im so sad for her.

  • TPF

    If only she could get those sagging breasts at least lifted, so her belly button doesn't show between her breast. It disgusting.

  • chell

    she has the same dumbfounded look in every picture. she needs a supportive bra and should go back to her reddish brown hair color. she looks much prettier and younger with it.

  • Mike

    This little gal is so full of booze and pills she looks sick. And it's a crying shame! This photo shows how well she can clean up. If she would just get clean on the inside, she could salvage her career. Of course her biggest problem is the company she keeps, including her parents, and the lifestyle she tries to maintain.

  • Shelley Chmura
    Shelley Chmura

    I think it is very tacky that any woman, besides the bride, wears WHITE to a wedding! TRASHY!!!

  • Charles Almon
    Charles Almon

    Lindsay lip and CHEEKS look so plumped up she can't move her face. Looks a little stoned too.

  • charley

    someone needs to put her back in rehab

  • Barbara Dwyer Wirt
    Barbara Dwyer Wirt

    i cant believe she would wear white to the wedding. it even had the silver, like kims dress, how tacky. lindsey needs to stop trying to be the center of attn

  • Cecil

    That girl is smokin

  • someone

    why is it that on majority of the photos the hoe in the white dress seem to need a hand or an arm for support? is she drunk or high?

  • someone

    i agree!

  • Cherry

    Lyndsay's so botoxed I didn't recognize her.

  • pochris

    good Lord...she looks like shes in her 40's....sad really if you think about it

  • Joey

    She looks stoned!!

  • Shannon Neville
    Shannon Neville

    She really needs dark hair, blonde doesn't suit her AT ALL.

  • Guest

    Is Lindsey pregnant

  • Guest

    OMG. Talk about a bad day. They both look terrible and should be embarrased to go out in public looking like two homeless people...Really.....go back home and look in the mirror..REALLY

  • brian

    its always cutomary to invite your kin folk to your wedding even if they are old hookers or strippers thats why kim invited those too old bags.

  • catb50

    these two look like skanky Vegas hookers...penicillin anyone?

  • Matt Charboneau
    Matt Charboneau

    Hot mess 1 and Hot mess 2

  • kenzie

    Her teeth look chipped and yellow compared to her moms...

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    So what. Weren't guests asked to wear black or white because it was a B&W wedding? Like we care what this crackaholic wears anyways. GO AWAY LINDSEY!!!!!! p.s. YOUR HAIR LOOKS LIKE S#%T!!!!

  • Debbie

    She looks haggard, orange and the days where she could go braless are looong gone!

  • John Woodhouse
    John Woodhouse

    whats wrong with her Lips Geez they look like the bumper on my truck , that dress kinda looks like the brides humm Kim musstadid a double take maybe lohan wants a piece of the action..

  • John Woodhouse
    John Woodhouse

    they had to blow the Valet to get a spot.,..

  • jud

    OMG she looks as old as her mother. What a waste of space

  • Rach

    What is wrong with her face? Did she get her lips done? Yikes.

  • wowsa

    she does have some great tits...

  • Meg

    It's a beautiful dress but it's the number 1 rule of courtesy to NEVER wear full white to a wedding. Distracts from the bride and is very rude.

  • Daw

    why did kim invite overpriced and OLD hookers to her wedding?

  • Erin Noel Patterson
    Erin Noel Patterson

    Umm. WHY is she wearing WHITE?! tacky.

  • I Would Too
    I Would Too

    you have a penis

  • emmismee

    She looks as though she's had cheek implants, not to mention botox and lip injections. How can 'celebrities' not realize all that looks horrible and having such tanned skin makes them look like a cow's hide? I feel sorry for anyone who has such low self-esteem that they have to turn to plastic surgery and tanning.

  • Smedina146

    Yeah, agreed---TOTAL FAX PAUX!--- white to a wedding. Even IF Kim gave the one else would know that and it just seems conceited, contrived, and egotistical. No wonder she and Kim are buds. LL is not someone I relate to or consider worthy of the energy of these typed I need a nap.

  • Lazarus

    Trailer trash wrapped in silk. Pathetic and laughable. an utterly worthless and disgraceful washout, like Amy Winehouse but without the talent. Yet I would still nail her till her eyes popped out of her skull. What does that say about me?

  • Kim

    Even though the bride asked the guests to wear black or white (even though I found it OUTRAGEOUS that SHE wore white!), someone who respected the couple and their special day (even though I personally don't think this marriage will last a month!), would NEVER have worn white. And if anyone is interested, YES, I AM from the South, and that's a cardinal rule for Southern Belles!

  • James Lane
    James Lane

    I want a wardrobe malfunction you haters

  • Moo

    That's not Lilo's hair, fake like her sagging chest. Hard to tell which one is Lilo and which one is her mom. Both look chea[ and trashy, as usual.

  • Mindy

    You do if the bride requests it.

  • Monica

    Actually Kim had a dress code to her wedding: wear white or black only.

  • workingtomuch

    After you look through the photos see if you notice what I did. Lindsay is never standing more than a foot from a wall or counter, because she has a hand on either to keep herself from falling flat on her face.

  • Mindy

    The bride requested that guests wear either white or black.

  • 2Cents

    I thought my peterbilt had more miles, guess I was wrong!

  • 2Cents


  • jmulc

    Mom looks like a hag and daughter looks like she's botoxed beyond recognition. Dead eyes. Bleh!

  • Koz

    It is hard to teel Linsay apart from her mom, they look the same old and used.

  • myself

    agree with you 100%. she was so beautiful and talented (still is talented though) and now she has ruined her life and carrer. so sad!

  • myself

    that dress and that hair just doesn't look good on lindsay! hate it!!!!!!1

  • aedrah

    lindsay lohan is so ugly. she makes me sick to my stomach. every part of her is fake. fake lips, fake boobs, fake hair, fake nails, fake tan, those are just the parts you see. everything underneath is fake as well. Oh and linday, tell kim kardasian, the millions it took for her to spend on her wedding that won't last 6 months, she could have fed half the starving people dying every day in somalia. all you people make me projectile vomit!!

  • myself


  • citygirl

    The dress is beautiful. She used to be so so naturally pretty, what happened?

  • Shannon Taralynne Jones
    Shannon Taralynne Jones

    I think the dress is absolutely stunning!

  • Shannon Taralynne Jones
    Shannon Taralynne Jones

    Kim asked all of her guests to wear black or white!

  • CrackIsWhack

    She looks like Linda Hogan. And you DONT wear white to a wedding. This chick is sooo freaking clueless. From now on she may want to consider wearing a bra.

  • Fanny Crespoo Cedeño
    Fanny Crespoo Cedeño

    omG that is too blonde for her , her face like soo oily she is so beautiful lindsay please turn off the light

  • serena


  • serena

    she is very beautiful and i hope she will turn her life around and be the person she once was...even though she had a rough past,she deserves a better future! in spite of eveything that people may say or think about her,she remains a very beautiful and talented actress. i hope she realizez that she still has fans who support and care about her. she looks wonderful in that dress!!

  • eyemjustsayin

    Barely recognizable. Bleached hair, face puffed up like its full of air, older than her years, skinny, with gigantic pretend breasts. Yikes. . . . She and her mom are a real barbie old pair.

  • Staci

    Why would you wear white to the wedding in a gown like that? that's rude.

  • Rayda Trieb
    Rayda Trieb

    Lindsay looks older than her mom! No good!

  • Hobbs

    Love Lindsay Lohan, very attractive and sexy.

  • Brittany

    Omg they both look horrible, Lindsay looks older than her mother.

  • Someone Else
    Someone Else

    What is wrong with you? Your mother never teach you to keep your mouth shut if you didn't have something nice to say?

  • CJ Lanzim
    CJ Lanzim

    She Looks Absolutely Beautiful I hope she can start finally turning her Life around if she had her Darker Hair it might go a little Better in that dress But Still She Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

  • Murphy

    They both look awful...and I'm usually a Lindsay fan.

  • someone

    she does not look beautiful ..she looks haggard and fake. she just needs to die.

  • someone

    double eww...get a life you two

  • someone


  • someone

    cheap as can be!

  • someone

    addict in a white dress. one word - jail is too good for her. death will make her stop.

  • someone

    both looking old and fakes.

  • Allison

    She looks beautiful bless her heart!

  • someone

    looking haggard - make up can only hide so much.