Listen to Your Favorite Musical Artists with Rdio’s Family Plan!

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Joe Jonas
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Do you and your family have different tastes in music? Do constantly fight over music with your siblings? Don't worry, Rdio now allows you to listen to your favorite artists anytime and anywhere with the new Rdio Unlimited Family plan.

You'll never have to fight over who gets to be DJ when every member of the family can simultaneously enjoy their own songs on their own devices. Listen to Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez while your family jams out to their favorite Lady Gaga and Rihanna tunes. Best of all, the more people you get to join, the more you'll be able to save!

But that's not all!

By subscribing to Rdio Unlimited Family, each family member gets their own unique user log in, music collection, listening history, user profile, networks, and playlists. Subscribers also have access to Rdio's unlimited music collection. Browse through hundreds of tracks from your favorite artists, create your personal playlist, and sync it to your phone to get your music on-the-go! 

Rdio Unlimited Family is the music industry’s first digital family plan. Try out Rdio for free here!

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