Megan Fox On Removing Her Marilyn Monroe Tattoo: 'It is a Negative Character'


While there had been speculation that Megan Fox was removing her famous Marilyn Monroe tattoo, the raven haired beauty finally admitted that she is indeed getting rid of it.

In an interview with Italian magazine Amica, MF opened up as to why she finally decided to ditch the tat.

The mag asked, "What is happening to your Marilyn?" To which she answered:

"I'm removing it. It is a negative character, as she suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar. I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life."
Speaking of Marilyn Monroe, Michelle Williams will take on the role of the Hollywood icon in the upcoming film My Week With Marilyn. Check out a sneak peek here!

Are you sad that Megan is getting rid of the tat? Or do you think it's smart? Sound off in the comments!



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  • ZombieLiquor

    It's not the fact that she wants to get the tattoo removed, I honestly don't give a flying fuck what she does with her life. But it's because she is offended Marilyn Monroe and people with Mental illnesses. Nobody chooses to have a mental illness and sure as hell doesn't bring negative energy within a tattoo. She should embrace the fact that Marilyn suffered with a mental illness and still had an amazing career even though she battled with it every day. I think Marilyn would be more ashamed being associated with a talentless person like her and being on her dirty skanky skin.

  • lol

    megan your nothing better either

  • lisaj

    wow, she really is dumb!

  • gal

    it's not as if marilyn chose to be bipolar or as megan stated herself, chose to "SUFFER" from a personality disorder. she's removing her tat because she discovered something that's public knowledge--the woman she once admired had mental diseases. megan's such a loser for that. she's perpetuating the stigma hollywood and people in general have against those w/mental diseases. if anything she could be an advocate or bring awareness to the issue. sad. at 25, megan clearly still has a lot of growing to do.


    That's really offensive to people who have mood disorders. just say you didn't freaking like it anymore and grew out of it for christ's sake. And to Jen, it's not that people with bipolar disorder think it's fantastic to be ill - it's the way Megan says that Marilyn was a negative character because she suffered from mood disorders. She should just go join the goddamn church of scientology.

  • Jen

    To all you women freaking out and acting all offended, I'm sure that no one that suffers from personality disorders or bipolar disorder would say that those are positive things.....Generally considered to be negative which is why there is an entire profession to combat personality disorders. I know, what a concept, right? She got that tattoo when she was young and naive and more reckless. I'm sure she knew when she was getting the tattoo, but when you're young and careless, you don't care if your idol has mental health issues. In fact, sometimes it makes them more appealing to a teenager. Now that she's a more mature adult she doesn't want to be reminded of a beautiful young starlet like herself who suffered so much. Why would she? Grow up people and get over yourselves. You're all just looking for a reason to hate anyways.

  • Tiara Tarantino
    Tiara Tarantino

    At least she removed it. It looked really bad and stupid anyway.

  • Valerie

    Marilyn is no more as negative..Mrs fox or green is to much of a spazz to even notice.. If your goin to remove a tattoo least have a good reason...don't say she is negative and bipolar what's the point in sayin that...

  • Noah

    If she was going to spend money on corrective surgery you think she would have fixed her toe-thumb before the tattoo removal?

  • Candi

    I think it's so funny that people care about this stuff!!

  • Lola Dombrowski
    Lola Dombrowski

    Wow, I used to like I think shes just a stuck up prude..I mean "negative energy"? So shes saying that people who suffer from mental illnesses are negative? Hmm, what a wasn't Marilyn Monroe's fault nor is it anyone's fault who suffers from any mental illness. Do us all a favor Megan and look up mental illness and see if it says anything about people having "negative energies" because of it. You make celebrities look bad like they're ignorant.

  • Viktoria Katarina
    Viktoria Katarina

    it is weird she didnt know this when she got her tattoo. i think it is a smart decision to remove it but i think she should have thought through it more before she got it in the first place.

  • Andreina Baiano
    Andreina Baiano

    and yet, it was her who said once: "I really admire Marilyn Monroe but I would never try to emulate her. I got the tattoo as a warning. It warns me not to let myself be treated so badly by the film industry so that it breaks me down."

  • Tricia Philippi-King
    Tricia Philippi-King

    ok so when she got it she didnt know this? and now that one of many peoples idols is said to be bipolar it brings a "negative energy". whatever just an excuse to me.. i think that was ignorant of her to say that..once an actress i liked, but saying ignorant things like that makes me think different

  • Jen

    I just love her. I can't help it. I think she has grown up so much in the past couple years. Acquired a certain grace she used to lack. I don't necessarily think she's the best actress out there, but I like her in spite of that.

  • sona

    and she knew about it now?? lol i'm just joking, it's her own decision, she does whatever she wants to do