Megan & Liz Debut Beautiful Ballad 'Run Away' (VIDEO)

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Megan & Liz are back with a beautiful ballad -- and Celebuzz has the video exclusive!

The emotionally sweeping video was shot in Edwin Warner Park in Nashville, Tennessee. While the park proved to be a perfect setting, they did run into a few obstacles -- which caused the director to get creative! 

"Not only was it very hot, but we had to dodge runners and hikers in-between takes," they tell Celebuzz. "Our director will do anything to get a shot -- he actually climbed a tree to get an overhead view of us running by! We were so afraid he was going to fall out, but he didn't. This is one of our favorite music videos so far and are super excited to finally share 'Run Away' with Celebuzz and all of our fans!"

The song was co-written by the twins along with Alexz Johnson, and Jimmy Robbins. The girls say the writing process was "crazy fast" and that everything "just fell into place." We have to admit, this is one of our faves as well! 

The song is now available on iTunes -- and you can also peep Megan & Liz on their new site at

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  • Syeda Zainab Najeeb
    Syeda Zainab Najeeb guys are amazing <3 <3 <3 =D

  • uh huh
    uh huh

    nice! not my favorite song by them, but definitely my favorite vid.

  • Hannah Ross
    Hannah Ross

    love them another great song and video

  • sdgasdhah

    omg they wrote with alexz johnson? she's so amazing!

  • Brittany

    They are SO amazing!! This song is beautiful and amazing and the video is just the same! :) xo

  • Kyra Katz
    Kyra Katz

    umm there are no words to describe how amazing this song is! the video is ahhmazing and they never disappoint! i love all of their originals and i cant wait to hear more! I love Megan and Liz! this is probably one of their best videos i must admit :) love love love :)

  • Melanie Krištofelc
    Melanie Krištofelc

    AMAZING! They're just too good for words! I wanna hear more originals from them, really breath taking ;) Good job ladies! ;) <3