Reggie Lee Talks ‘Grimm’, Bad Guys, and Singing Cops

You may recognize Reggie Lee. After all, the man has appeared in numerous hit TV shows and movies such as Prison Break, Crazy, Stupid, Love and the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Now, Lee is starring as Sergeant Woo in NBC’s new police drama, Grimm.

The multi-talented actor recently took a break from filming in Portland to chat with Celebuzz about the new series and catching The Big Bad Wolf.

Grimm has very unique concept. Tell us a little bit more about show.

It’s a cop procedure turned on its head. Each episode will involve a particular fairytale–but not just Grimm fairy tales, we’re going to use fairy tales from all over the world. We’re starting with the notable ones. The pilot is kind of like ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. It all happens in one very real world where all these odd things happen. Within this drama, Grimms are actually descendants of profilers. It’s about this cop who can see people morph into these fairytale characters.

How do you fit into the dynamics of the cast?

I play Sergeant Woo who is on the police squad. I’m kind of a bit dry and sarcastic and we learn in the future that I have an addiction problem that wrecks havoc on my personal life. It’s interesting because I had auditioned for a different role in the series but it had gone to another guy. But they called me back and told called my agent that they liked me so much they wanted to create a new role. So, this role was actually created for me. It’s an honor to have a role written just for you.

You were also in Persons Unknown. The show’s known for its Lost-esque mysteries and fans were disappointed when they found out the series wasn’t going to continue. 

For us, we were always hoping to continue because I think there were so much more that we could’ve gone on with. The ratings weren’t so great but if they were I think we would’ve gone on and shown more. It’s interesting because my character was shown dying around episode seven or eight around that time but they had called me to do the final episode. I wasn’t available at the time but as you can see, the writers were discovering as we were discovering. They didn’t know what to do with it. They wanted to kind of close it, kind of not. It’s always difficult that way—when you finish a show and you don’t know if it’s going to be picked up for a second season.

Do fans ask you about the ending?

People were asking what happened in the end! I was like, “Wow, there was an audience!” It’s interesting because I do get recognized for it. I was at ComicCon and we did a screening for Grimm with a bunch of bloggers. We didn’t think there would be a big turn out but it was crazy because we ended up turning people away. Me, Silas Mitchell, and Sasha Roiz from Caprica were there and, at one point, someone screamed, “We love you, Reggie Lee!” I was like, “Aw, that’s really nice!”

 You also have Safe with Jason Stratham coming out this October. Tell us a little bit about that project.

I’m really proud of that piece of work. I get offers to play really mean dudes or assholes but it’s very different in the movie. I’m basically the villain in this movie who adopts this girl into the United States to use her to get what we want. So, after a year of raising her, I have developed very paternal feelings for this child yet I have to use her in dangerous situations. So, there’s this great sense of humanity that comes out.

It seems like you’ve got TV and movie down. You actually started off your career doing theater, so do you think we’ll see you hitting the stage again?

[Laughs] That was such a long time ago! Actually, [the cast of Grimm] was throwing that idea around after ComicCon. We all have some sort of music ability. I think it’ll be hysterical. I’d love it. Grey’s Anatomy did it and Sara Ramirez was amazing!

Catch Grimm’s premiere October 21 on NBC. Check out the trailer below!

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