The Meet & Greet: Brandon Quinn, Hollywood’s Werewolf Turned Vampire Turned Cop

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Even though Brandon Quinn has appeared in numerous hit shows like The Vampire Diaries, Entourage and The OC, the hunky actor still has fans approaching for something he’s done ten years ago. Currently filming in Toronto, Quinn has found himself to be quite the celebrity up north for his role in the 1999’s Canadian cult hit, Big Wolf on Campus.

Celebuzz caught up with the star to chat about his new TV show, Against the Wall, and his transformation from Canadian werewolf to Chicago police officer Richie Kowalski.

Tell us a little bit about the character you play in Against the Wall.

I play Richie, one of Abby [Rachael Carpani]’s brothers. There are four siblings: three boys and a girl. I’m the youngest boy and Abby is the youngest. I’ve been a patrol officer for about five years. Richie’s really good at his job. He’s got a lot of integrity. He’s a really good sibling and a good husband. He’s kind of like a guy’s guy. As we say in our family, “We’re the first to tease each other but we’re the first to stand up for each other.” Family is everything to Richie and there’s a lot of storyline that deals with that.

How does Against the Wall compare to other cop dramas out there?

I think the thing that makes our show stand out from those other shows–and what really attracted me to the show–is that it’s a family drama first and cop drama second. The heart of the show is about family. It’s about this family of cops and you get to see more of what they do when they’re clocked out versus when they’re on their jobs. It’s a very well-rounded show and a lot of other cop shows are very one-note. I watch those shows and I’m like, “I want to see what happens when they’re done solving the crime. Who are these people?” I think it’s so much more interesting when you can learn about a character when they’re not doing their work and they’re surrounded by family and things that are really important to them. That’s a lot of what our show is really about.

What can we expect from the upcoming season?

[Laughs] Spoiler alert! Well, it’s jammed packed with stuff. There are definitely a few surprises. There is a scene in there where it’s one of my favorites: you get to see the Kowalski clan—the dad and the boys go on a call together which is really fun and something you don’t get to see for the entire season. There are some other things that I don’t want to give away but there’s pretty cool stuff to look forward to in the season finale.  

Check out the trailer below!

You also appeared as Lee in the hugely popular series, The Vampire Diaries. Will he be returning to Mystic Falls anytime soon?

It’s funny you say that! There were talks up until recently that they were bringing me back. I’m actually friends with one of the writers on the show so I was kind of getting the inside scoop of different story lines that they had planned out. I know they wanted to bring me back for the longest time but I ended up getting this show so I’ve been busy for the last six months. So, there is a possibility! I would like to go back because it’s a great show to work on. I think my storyline is still very unresolved. I would love to come back and put an end to it.

You’ve also played a werewolf on Big Wolf on Campus.

Ten years later and people still recognize me for that! You think they’re going to ask you about Entourage or Vampire Diaries but nine times out of ten, it’s about Big Wolf. It’s pretty funny. I still get fan letters and people talk about it like it was a major part of their childhood. I just got this letter the other day and it was very touching–it was from this guy and he talked about how he didn’t grow up with a dad and people from Big Wolf were his role models. You think you don’t have that much affect on people and it was a very flattering to learn how we were his role models and how much the show meant to him. You don’t really realize the impact when you work on these projects. It was pretty great.

So since you’ve played both a vampire and a werewolf, help us settle the universal debate once and for all: what is better?

From an actor’s stand point, definitely a vampire because you’re not gluing on little pieces of hair. Man, they both have their advantages, you know! But I’m going to have to go with werewolves because it was my first pseudo-superhero so that one got a little bit of my heart. I know vampires are the cool thing right now but I’m going to go with the original. Werewolves win my heart.

Would you proudly say you’re Team Jacob?

Exactly! I’m Team Jacob. Team Jacob, baby, all the way!

Against the Wall airs Sundays at 10 PM ET on Lifetime.