Wilmer Valderrama Dishes on New Show & New Lonely Island Collab! (PHOTOS)

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You may remember him as the quirky exchange student by the name of Fez on That 70’s Show, but attendees at Disney’s D23 Expo 2011 know Wilmer Valderrama as the voice of their favorite animated repairman, Handy Manny.

The Latin hottie took time out of his busy schedule to meet and greet with some of his biggest fans, and the Celebuzz staff in attendance was no exception. We got the dish on one of his favorite Disney memories and some very juicy details about his latest projects.

What’s your favorite Disney memory?

I have so many good memories, but I’ll tell you about the scariest. My dad took me to take a picture with Captain Hook but I thought he looked so scary because he has a hook and everything. So now there’s a picture at home on the mantel of me crying in the picture with Captain Hook.

What kind of Handy Manny episode haven’t you done that you would still like to do?

Well, we’ve done a lot of good ones already. We’ve done environmental ones, family values and a family reunion. We also did an alien one which is so out there where Handy Manny fixed his spaceship. We’ve done a lot of musical ones and I’ve always pushed for music stuff. Those are always welcome.

You shot a pilot for a new television series. Can you give us details about that?

The series has actually been picked up already on NBC. It’s called Awake. I play a detective on it. I didn’t plan to go back to television at all because after That 70s Show, it was just such an iconic part of my life that I was hesitant to try to recreate that. When I got the script, I had to read it twice because it was so good, so I signed up for it. I’m actually about to shave my head and beard for it, so I’ll have a whole new look. Previews will start popping up in the fall and hopefully it’ll be out by January.

You’re alter ego, the sexy Eduardo Fresco, made an appearance in The Lonely Island’s new video. What was working with them like?

It was great – so fun! I’ve actually recorded again with The Lonely Island. I’ve recorded three more tracks in total. It was a lot of fun. I had a blast with those guys.

If the next collaborations are anything like the first one, they’re going to be very entertaining. We can’t wait to hear them!

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