EXCLUSIVE: Brenda Song & Trace Cyrus Expecting First Child!

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Big congrats to Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus! The couple is expecting their first child together, Celebuzz can exclusively report.

The Social Network star and Miley Cyrus' brother have been quietly seeing each other for several months, but made their first appearance together on the red carpet at Nylon's party in early May.

Trace was previously linked to Demi Lovato. It was rumored Brenda briefly dated Joe Jonas.

Brenda, 23, first hit the scene after her hilarious role on the Disney show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Trace, 22, made a name for himself in the band Metro Station. Trace has a clothing company called Southern Made Hollywood Paid- maybe he'll design a kids line next!

Brenda and Trace's publicists could not be reached for comment.

Congrats to the first time parents-to-be! Celebuzz has met them both, and think they are a great couple. Oh, and congrats to you too, Aunt Miley!



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  • Whatever!!

    OK r u people really that stupid wtf cares there happy, and last time I checked they r adults, get over it. An it is not a sin to have a baby and not be married shut the fuck up, what year is this oh ya 2012. I love God but having a baby doesn't mean u going against God. Congrats for them both and all u haters need to go read the bible before u sin and judge someone.

  • gmoney


  • gmoney


  • gmoney

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. My god how gross is that. Another katie perry mishap. She is so hot minus that big ass which will blow up after the thing is born, She must have daddy issues. Most girls who tend to stray to garbage men follow that path. Or shes trying to get noticed more since her movie jobs suck. Good luck getting roles after that ass blows up

  • Serena

    HEY EVERYBODY SHE AINT PREGNANT!!!! Brenda's mom proved it on Septembe 14 so it's all right. LOOK IT UP IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME!!!! I hope dearly she does NOT become like miley cyrus or lindsay lohan!!!! (no offense to them) Brenda is such a sweet lady... and not to mention BEAUTIFUL! I hope she has an amazing life from here on out!!! and an amazing time with her boyfriend Trace. (to whom i did not know she was dating). (:

  • Hanna

    wtf! It wudve been better if Trace and Hanna Beth had a kid

  • ALYV712

    Yeah i agree with you niya4312 ..... it doesn't matter if the person is christian, blue, white, black, red or even purple .... you love who you love and that's all that matters !!!!! Well spoken niya4312

  • Savannah

    Hi am Berendas cousin and I love her so please don't judge

  • Danielle

    I didn't know Trace was a highschool dropout nor adopted, but I think the tattoo thing is harsh although you have a right to your opinion.

  • Danielle

    This is sad a lot of people on here are so judgmental towards Brenda and Trace so what if they aren't married and it shouldn't matter whether people read the bible or not I am well-educated, and I believe in God, but I don't read the Bible, and I don't think God is going to punish people for wanting a baby or for sex before marriage because He made people so they could have free-choice, and I am sorry if you don't like my opinions or the fact that I am defending Trace and Brenda but that is how it is going to be.

  • Fzn

    Why are ppl talking shit about the baby alrdy? Fuck you all mang. Being half asian and half white makes you one hell of a cute and pretty ass baby! Ofcourse all asians know that! Being a mix asian and cacasian is a perfecy combination. Congratz to them! Wish them the best and forever! :D

  • because I am Jeff
    because I am Jeff

    D= but doesn't that mean that they would have had to... but... uggh... i cant even IMAGINE Brenda Song doing that... and i'm the most perverted person i know

  • niya4312

    just cuz brenda is beautiful and trace is ugly, does not mean that they are gna have an ugly baby. half white half asian babies are usually a good combination, i should kno, im asian myself. and thats really fucked up that people are talking crap about a baby thats not even born yet. and when it is born, and people are still tlking crap, thats so dumb, u cant help how you look. its just how god made you. babies are a blessing.. think about what people said about your parents when your mom got pregnant with you in her tummy. so what the fuck..

  • niya4312

    half asian, half rednecks isnt even a bad combo. and "redneck" isnt even a race. i was with a redneck before and im asian. you cant help what you like.

  • niya4312

    oh my gosh amber, just cuz you're christian doesnt meanhat brenda is christian too. she could also be buddhist. and people these days end up having kids before they're married. and you say asian parents want their kids to be with other asian people. thats not true either. i'm asian. and my parents arent like that. even with all my other cousins. my uncles and aunts arent like that. i mean, they think it'd be nice if we married another asian. but you know what, you cant help what you like or how you look or how you feel. its just life. so accept people for who they are if you're so "christian."

  • courtneybaaaby

    sarah so, im not ashamed to say my parents arent married, and they've been together for 18 years, having a peice of paper saying your married, isnt gonna make your parents, or anyone stay together longer.

  • hannah

    I agree!

  • hannah

    shes so hot!



  • Sarah

    you've obviously never seen the bottom half of her teeth courtney

  • Sarah

    you know what courtneybaaaby, People SHOULD WAIT TILL MARRIAGE TO HAVE A KID. Just look at Billy Rae Cyrus ! He had a kid with his gf, but then he dumped her for miley's mom ! Talk about not sticking around to take responsibility ! I just hope Brenda knows what she's doing.

  • Amber

    first of all i do read the bible and obviously you dont and i'm christian

  • Michelle Rubio
    Michelle Rubio

    You guys are acting as if they were 14 years old, they are both in their 20's, both adults. Its not a teenage pregnancy, geez..

  • courtneybaaaby

    other way round honey

  • courtneybaaaby

    why are you saying all this? have you read the bible? dont think so, have you spoken to god personally? dont think so, trace and brenda have been going out for what? 2 months, these guys might not even fully love each other get, just cause there having a child, doesnt mean they have to get married, maybe in the long run they will, when their feelings grow.

  • Alicja

    You know that brenda is like 22 and trace is like 23?? right?? they're not teens!!!!

  • Amber

    i would cry if this was my child's father

  • Amber

    god doesn't care how you get married he just wants to know you are married in some sort of way he wants it like that not how we want he prefers you to get married and i'm not talking about her age i dont care about her age people these days need to repent



  • courtneybaaaby

    actually you dont have to, im sure gods gonna still love you if you dont get married, some people dont want to get married, its just a peice of paper, and anyways, weddings are exspensive, not everyone can afford it, brenda's young, shes 23, shes only been with trace for not long, just cause shes pregnant doesnt mean she has to rush and get married before the babys born, i dont know what world you live in girl, but people dont do that, not that i know of anyways.

  • Amber

    well you have to and its in the bible you need to be more educated in that and i cant judge but at least people on here knows who is going to hell for being an Antichrist i hope you change and hes real

  • Venom

    First of all, Trace is not a biological son of Billy Ray Cyrus nor the true brother of Millie. He was adopted by Billy as an infant. Trace is also a high school drop out. I just don't believe that Trace had the nerve to knock that Chinese girl up without even using the glove or her being on the pill. The baby is going to be born covered in tattoos with slanted eyes. Now look what he got himself into....he's going to pay dearly for child support payments for the next 22 years. Good Luck Trace!

  • Venom

    Boy, are you one ugly looking girl yourself.

  • courtneybaaaby

    mileys teeth are fine, great, love em.

  • bleh

    That shit didn't work for Miley, I mean look at her for goodness sake...

  • courtneybaaaby

    whose says gods real? and even if he was, i dont think he said that, and times have changed, marriage is just a peice of paper, you dont need to get married to be inlove and have children.

  • Jacqueline Lamar
    Jacqueline Lamar

    Everybody is free to make their own choices, whether we agree or disagree. If the couple is happy together, let them be happy. Their lives should not concern us. We have our own lives to live.

  • kewlgirl

    u ppl need to chill out yes we get it she's young and he's well not the best but they already fucked and now she's pregnant for him but she has millions in her bank account with millions to spear and he's miley's bro so the child will be an interracial spoiled baby

  • Amber

    first of all god said to be married before you have any kid so basically your telling god i will do whatever the hell i want and thats wrong and its sad people dont do that .

  • Amber

    I agree

  • Amber

    This is seriously disgusting its like putting ketchup in applesauce they dont mix just like Brenda and trace but you cant help who you fall for you know who's going to be the biggest critic her grandmother because some older Asians dont like that they usually like Asians to be with other Asians and hes not one of him hes gross.

  • courtneybaaaby

    now thats pathetic, you say you've lost all respect for brenda, just cause shes going out with trace cyrus, thats just wrong, shes inlove, and so is he, its beautiful, it shouldnt matter what you look like, and im so happy there expecting, so grow up!

  • courtneybaaaby

    lola, you go girl!

  • courtneybaaaby

    there such things called braces you pathetic fuck!

  • courtneybaaaby

    wonder what your parents think about your spelling...

  • Nate

    I'm pretty sure that 95% of the guys out there are better looking than this guy .

  • Nate

    People think the baby will be ugly because the guy is ugly, not because it will be racially mixed.

  • Nate

    She is hot. I don't know why she settled on such a creepy looking guy.

  • Adriana

    Why everyone being so stupid? They like eachother, and decided to have a baby. What's the big deal? 23 is a good age, i'm sure she can take care of her baby and juggle her career.

  • Cubanita

    What is she thinking? Horsebaby?! Lol

  • Amber

    all i have to say is i would have never did that because my parents would be like wtf? and i'm 18 and have better taste than that and seriously Brenda what were you thinking and Asian horse? haha i like that too funny lol

  • Lola

    22 and 23 is not really too young in todays times. have u not seen 16 and pregnant? they clearly are going to be able to provide for the kid sooo why b---h that their too young? im 23 i have 2 kids and im more responsible than "grown ups" thankkkkks! :)

  • katie

    really random couple, didn't see that coming o_o But what's with people assuming that a half-asian half-white kid is gonna be ugly/weird?? I know tons of mixed-race kids and they're completely normal. and every half-asian half-white child I've seen are BEAUTIFUL. poor baby, people are dissing him/her before they're even born...:(

  • tash

    WTF O_O

  • tko123

    that is going to be an ugly kid. All of billy ray's kids are oogly!

  • Michelle

    I wouldn't be surprised if the baby ends up looking like an Asian horse. LOL

  • Pam Lin
    Pam Lin


  • Amanda Kalbaugh
    Amanda Kalbaugh

    omg hes ugly!

  • Paul

    OMg Bianca I am totally with you!!! Lost respect for Brenda.

  • lol

    22 and 23 is not too young to have kids . especially them . they both have jobs that are extremely well paying . theyre in their 20s which is when a lot of people have their first kids & some even their 2nd child , the most important thing is though that they can afford the kid & they're not bringing it into a bad situation like a lot of people do these days . stop being so judgemental

  • GGfans1

    OMG i didnt see this comming! :O well she is gorgeous and he is eew 1-ugly 2-weird 3-Miley's brother!

  • Billa-tong

    This guy is scary ! Poor baby, he's gonna be ugly :s That's too bad because she's rather cute ^^

  • lol

    ..but..but... shes so pretty..and hes so ... :\

  • Reesie

    I love trace! He's sooo hot. Congrats Brenda and trace :)

  • Mandy

    She's BEAUTIFUL and he's ....... meh. Seriously Brenda :l ??? Oh well. Wish them all the best.

  • Angelina Leung
    Angelina Leung

    Trace is EMO.... and i'm about to vomit!!! BRENDA!!!! WHAT HAPPEN TO U???

  • faye

    Eww how did SHE end up with HIM??? Side note: the pics say Trace w/Demi Lovato thoo when you click on the pics it CLEARLY states Demi Lovato LOOK-A-LIKE! SMH TO WHO EVER WROTE THIS ARTICLE!

  • araita

    Omg 23 and 22 are not too young to be have kids...... U are adults and supposed to be making your own decisions and this was there's . So lay off!! At least the are not 16 having babies!!

  • Katy

    Hope the baby looks like her

  • cbeth

    Who cares what they look like or who they are? The only thing I got out of this was BABIES HAVING BABIES!! 23 and 22 is TOO YOUNG to be popping out kids. I kind of liked her but I've lost any respect for her that I might have had. Clearly, she's an idiot if she doesn't know how to use birth control. They both are. This is just another case of dumb kids making dumb decisions and having people reward them by saying, "AW! Look at the wittle baby!" This is what is wrong with society.

  • foreverepic

    Omg stfu guys. People can be with who they want to be, its none of y'all business. Jesus. And what's with this hate on AN UNBORN CHILD. Grow the hell up.

  • Star 'Satr' Williams
    Star 'Satr' Williams

    Dude you guys, Shut up, Trace and Brenda are a CUTE couple. ill Root for them, there baby will not look ugly, and Come on now. There Better looking then you. i bet. i Hope there will stay together and get marriedC: i Wish you guys luck<3 Metro Station, OH YEAH<3 i miss that band ._.

  • karlie

    i dont know about this one...i think it wont last...lets hope it does for the babies sake...so good luck?

  • javi

    what the hell? she was drunk right? redneck/asian is a bad combo i hope the kid dosen't look like miley or his sister noah when the kid grows up.have you seen them when they where kids horrible with horses teeth.

  • bee

    Trace is so ew. They (more him) really do not need a kid to look after, he's a kid himself ! Smh

  • sally

    He must have one helluva personality, 'cause he be one homely dude.

  • ane

    exotic couple. I hope that the child has an acceptable appearance.

  • cclaudia

    LOL. Asian baby? Really? The baby is going to be half Asian and half white actually. Why are you hating on a unborn child. PATHETIC. but ya know, I can see why y'all are hating, Y'all aren't born from a Cyrus or a Song. Or the good life if the baby is born. GROW UP.

  • Sam

    Brenda could have done better. lol

  • Reece

    Disney inbreeding = Not. Good.

  • Troll

    omg ew, their child will be an asian horse... U MAD?

  • bianca

    oh my god out of everyone, brenda chose him, i'm sorry but, really.. LOL.

  • Cody Tropela
    Cody Tropela

    That's gonna be an ugly ass kid... Asian-horsechild. Smh.

  • Aya

    I seriously had no idea they were together. Color me surprised. I have nothing against him but he's the last person I'd expect her to date, much less get knocked up by and after only a few months of dating no less. I genuinely wish them the very best tho.

  • Frieda

    THIS HAS TO BE FAKE. Ew, so you people are telling me that Brenda is now related to Hannah Montana's brother same career lookalike daddy? Next in news, the predications for 2012 is confirmed by a massive meteor coming to earth in about a year long time named "About time"...

  • Anastasia

    This is disturbing...

  • Kim

    WHAT THE MOTHER FUCK. This is a horror come true... why brenda? WHY?!?!

  • Cynthia

    I love how NO ONE can actually reach Trace and Brenda to confirm. SUSPICIOUS

  • mileyopolis

    i love how no one credits me for leaking this story. lame.

  • youn

    gross .he scares me

  • omg1993

    what the... are these two together?!?!? and THEY'RE HAVING A BABY?!!? O_O

  • marie

    haha i'm just wondering how will their child look like lol

  • effy

    This is seriously sooooo cute. He thinks the world of brenda and its so adorable. Theyre such a cute couple. Love them to bits.

  • Wendy Lam
    Wendy Lam

    i wonder wat her parents r gonna say i mean i wudnt even do that

  • marie

    lol wtf i had no idea they were together, thats such a funny couple, i had never thought about them beaing together haha

  • nina

    well shit, let's hope it lasts :S congrats to them i guess..