Highest-Paid Celebrity Couples: Who Made the Cut? (PHOTOS)

Random Celeb Couples
These hook-ups have people scratching their heads.
Forbes just released their list of the highest-earning celebrity couples. The top five money making duos made the annual list by their combined gross income between May 2010 and May 2011.

Our brains were raking over all the celeb couples sure to make the list: Tom & Katie, Ben & Jen, Gavin & Gwen and the first lady of the Black Eyed Peas Fergie and her hubby Josh Duhamel. Surprisingly, none of these couples made it!

Even more shocking, one of the youngest powerhouse couples did! Twilight sweethearts Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson cracked into the top 5 with their combined annual income of $40 million. They each earned $20 million from the success of the franchise’s third installment, Eclipse.

Brad and Angie narrowly surpassed the UK’s biggest export, the Beckhams ($45 million), earning a whopping $50 million from May 2010-May 2011. Angelina was the big money maker in the group pulling $30 million from her butt-kicking roles in The Tourist and Salt.

The final battle came between Hip Hop royalty and possibly America’s most beautiful couple. Beyonce and Jay-Z had a slew of projects to keep them busy (and rich) over the past year, but Tom Brady did sign a record-breaking new contract with the New England Patriots. Plus, Giselle Bundchen is the world’s richest supermodel.

So, which couple came in at No. 1? View the gallery to find out!