It's a Date! 'Breaking Dawn' Set to Premiere November 14 in LA

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Breaking Dawn Trailer
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Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 has itself a premiere date!

"The #BreakingDawnPart1 World Premiere will be at the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE on 11/14! Will you be there?" Twilight tweeted Tuesday from their official account, along with this picture of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

In the meantime, the stars are keeping themselves busy! Pattinson was seen several times at a recording studio last week and also got some quality time in with BFF Andrew Garfield.

It was Andrew's birthday Saturday, and we're told that Rob was there for the festivities! Love these two represent the Brit Pack clique when together in Los Angeles. Garfield had a private celebration over the weekend, and according to some Twitter sightings, the duo was also supposedly spotted together late Saturday night at a concert in LA.

Kristen is still busy shooting Snow White and the Huntsman in London where- despite the riots and some false rumors that production was halted until September- we're told the filming schedule is totally on track.

Breaking Dawn press is right around the corner and we would expect nothing less than our favorite actress to be all business!

Of course we are more than hoping now that Rob gets out there soon. Taylor Lautner will be at the VMA's holding it down for the Twilight crew so maybe Pattinson can finally go see his lady love!

One of our reporter pals saw K.Stew's dad walking her and Rob's dog Bear in LA over the weekend. Does that mean R.Pattz may be getting ready to leave town...across the pond perhaps? Here's hoping!

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  • oniszko2

    Hey guys I just heard that Jennifer Lawrence, has a huge huge crush on Robert Pattinson...They asked her who would she date and she said I have this enormous crush on Robert Pattinson, I have always thought he is so so hot....Hot stuff ha...

  • jen

    thanks Taryn!!

  • Marie

    Hi and thanks for the info. I wonder if Rob and Kristen would consider doing another movie re Twilight if Stephenie continued with the other characters i;e. Jacob, Renessme, maybe Leah and so forth. I'd love to see him do a comedy. He'd probably be laughing the whole time. Again, thanks for the info and keeping us informed.

  • curious

    You seem to know a lot which is cool! Do you know if he is in London yet? btw thanks for all the info. It's nice to read the good instead of all the hate.

  • jojo

    Me toooo.... can't wait - wish i live in California ........luv Kristen and Rob...

  • Camila Camil Camil
    Camila Camil Camil

    omg I can't wait!!!

  • oniszko2

    Oh and Taryn, we do all love you, so don't take offense and don't be like Ted Casablanca, thats just looks for garbage to print....His site the Awful Truth, is like a landfill there is nothing but trash....He goes to other websites and picks and chooses what he wants, and prints it, and everybody on his site believe his crap....We all care about Rob and Kris and want to hear nothing but the truth..which is the way it should be...

  • oniszko2

    And don't you find it strange that only 1 tweet on this whole internet, and no pictures..I mean thats wierd. And if by chance that was true the Garfield Party, so be it, Rob is a grown boy, Andrew is attched to his GF Emma Stone or Watson, and Rob is attached to Kristen. I am sure he would never do anything to hurt Kristen. He loves her.....

  • oniszko2

    Robert was not with Garfield this weekend, he was at a William Morris Agency Privat Party, that is his agency that books him movies and appearances..The people that go to these parties are Movie Moguls, Disney Executives, and any other movie that is going to go into production. I heard Rob was offered a part in something called the Dark Arc it was talked about in 2010, with Emma Watson, I cant think of the other actors name right now, but seems that one of the Movie Studios have the rights to it now and financing has been generated, and there looking to produce the film in 2012, also there is Unbound Captives which funding has come through, they are looking at locations now probably Texas, he was offered a part in that also. And another movie that was just picked up was something called Fever, its about the supernatural, vampires and a whole lot of gor...I am sure unless you know something else that this is where he was.....If he had been out with Garfield there would have been photos....

  • Guest

    Really Taryn? Since when have you reported bogus tweets as fact? If you can't verify a story with actual facts, don't post it at all. This piece of hearsay sounds like something Ted might have written - no facts, no credible sources, no sense - just looking for hits. Please clean up your act - you're better than this piece of crap.

  • Marie

    Taryn, you disappoint me .... the tale of Rob Andrew and this "birthday party" were bullshit, there was only one tweet on it from this guy who wanted to sell her clothes .. .. what's that, laziness, Taryn?

  • guest

    . The party with AG tweet was obviously bogus. Rob could be anywhere in the globe since the last credible sighting was at least a week ago.

  • Doireann

    Con=me on taryder doll that Andrew/Rob sighting was a guy wanting PR for his business and no kristen's dad wasnt walking bear, one of their dogs god check ur facts!