Joe Jonas Hits Up 'Late Show with David Letterman' (PHOTOS)

Joe Jonas performed at the Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC Monday night as part of an exclusive web concert for Late Show with David Letterman. Dressed in one of his suits, Joe greeted the screaming, mostly female crowd, as he built up to the song. 

Personal cameras snapped as the solo Jo Bros. performed his heart out. Joe tweeted about the show, writing:

"So much fun tonight! One if my favorite shows yet."
Check out the performance after the jump!

What do you think of Joe's NYC show? Give us your review in the comments! 



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  • brendacool

    HELLO i am miss Brenda, i contacted you for us to be friends please mail me on ( i will tell you more about my self then, thanks, Brenda.

  • marian

    yeah those "dancers" are so f*cking ugly & even i can dance better than those bitches. Joe was absolutely amazing!!! his new album is will be a hit

  • sherrymc

    What was with the female dancers? They were both on the older side, and their outfits were absolutely atrocious! Was there supposed to be a theme there, because I didn't see one if there was. The worst outfits I've seen on dancers, by far. Joe was fine, of course, but lose those backup girls and fire that wardrobe consultant!

  • Sondi

    I am forever indebted to you for this infmortaion.

  • Kata

    this show was AMAZING!! Joe is a great singer!!! love him

  • Hannah Ross
    Hannah Ross

    amazing :)