Khloe Kardashian Shares Pics From Kylie Jenner's 14th Birthday (PHOTOS)

It's been a busy month for the Kardashians.

In addition to Kim's spectacular wedding last Saturday, the family recently took time to celebrate Kylie Jenner's 14th birthday at their favorite restaurant, Casa Vega.

On Tuesday, Khloe Kardashian posted photos from the celebration on her blog, highlighting a night filled with family photos and a seriously awesome-looking cake.

"How beautiful did Kylie look as she turned 14?!" she blogged. "Can’t believe how old she is! WOW!"

Wow, indeed. See photos of Kylie's birthday bash now.

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  • Kylie Victoria Demivanti
    Kylie Victoria Demivanti

    Who gives a fuck about this deluted famous for nothing fucked up family the fucking jenners N kardashians r lil piss brains no 1 likes them kris n Khloe Kardashian r the ugliest fuckin aliens

  • dave1001

    I think Kylie is super cute! I love jerking off to her and Kendall. I hope they get their own show soon.

  • muaah!

    your horrible!

  • muaah!

    mason is the cutest baby iv ever seen, hes just gorgeous!

  • spirittedsam

    Mason has his Mothers eyes all the way! What an adorable baby boy! :-)

  • natalie

    how cute r you love this pic. and as for the people who can sit there slagging a little ineconcent child off you really have to take a look at your life how can you hate on a child!!!! really people!!!

  • cass

    he is so cute! i love this picture!

  • Melis A.
    Melis A.

    Whats wrong with you people, yes Scott is quite a men, but he do good for his family and as a partner and as a father he's working so hard to be a business men just to show he is for them and for him self. And by the way no one on earth is perfect but to look at him his not that bad.I mean guys c'mon their might some people here who give so much comment doing bad to some people. So if Kourtney sees him as you people you be sure she wont stay with him, so she's for no reason with him. I mean Kourt has it all she just a working mom aswel and a busy loving mother next to that, she's happy the way she is with him, no matter what happend between Scott and Kourt they'll figure it out as any couple and adult people on this planet.

  • Jamar

    Kylie is the cutes!

  • victoria

    Ðis freak who commented is a walking asshole!

  • Miriam ...Otara NZ
    Miriam ...Otara NZ

    He so cute...

  • Miriam ...Otara NZ
    Miriam ...Otara NZ

    Mason ..u a handsome armenian boy...U luk lyk yr mummys side ...very goodlooking..n All u people talking shit abt a baby..Uz r all sik..n luk at yrselves..FRIKIN HATERS!!!

  • Taylor

    Brother...Sister- Think positive................

  • Taylor

    get over yourself please.......

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    Ick. Scott's like a roach. He won't die or go away.

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    GOD he is SUCH a gorgeous kid. And I don't say that about EVERYONE'S kid either! Lol

  • bigred85

    omg he looks just like his dad

  • johnmichael24

    She's going to look so sexy caring this bag with her, evening though se already looks sexy the way she is.

  • sona

    he's armenian! that's pretty normal! i mean have you seen megan fox's pic when she was a child?? she was worst

  • Javi

    Kylie's 14th birthday looks so awesome, it made my 14th birthday party (June 28th my birthday) look like crap. I love the bag :)

  • Sarah

    What unibrow? you guys are fuktards

  • LilL

    Nicole, You're a douche! That is all

  • Fanny Crespoo Cedeño
    Fanny Crespoo Cedeño

    yeah totally me and my brother we're also very close and nothing wear happend Nicole u're insane really

  • Fanny Crespoo Cedeño
    Fanny Crespoo Cedeño

    yeah Nicole n Julie maybe u guys are in drugs how you can possible said that a baby is ugly guys are retarded please go do something for life

  • hahahhaa

    he is ugly not all babies can be cute kourtney

  • Noah

    I didn't even have a cell phone at age 14 and Kylie gets an $1,800 bag? She wins.

  • Noah

    I disagree... how many babies do you know who have noticeable uni-brows? Not very many that I know of! This could be a scientific breakthrough. With facial hair like that, are we sure Khloe isn't the mother?!

  • Brittney

    Omg Kylie has a Balenciaga bag! ugh not fair -__-


    Its her brother, let her be....

  • michelle bachmann
    michelle bachmann

    did she have a boob job?

  • michelle bachmann
    michelle bachmann

    does this mean i'm no longer a pedophile?

  • Me

    How can you honestly call a baby ugly? That's rude, Julie. And Nicole? Your just a butch.

  • Me

    Your such a fucking douche bag. It's a baby, who gives a crap about it's eyebrows. That's so incredibly rude.

  • Eva Oamen
    Eva Oamen

    jeez whats ur problem he is just a kid

  • danielleakame

    thought she was older...ding dang only 14?

  • Jessica

    Kendall is the prettiest of them all in my opinion

  • Nicole

    ok, i'm gonna say it....these two seem to have a very touchy feeling relationship. she is always hanging all over him and/or sitting in his lap. just awkward! btw, he's a loser & mooch

  • Nicole

    too many margarita's dude

  • Nicole

    wow, he's a hairy little man, he'll have a full on beard & mustache the age of two

  • Nicole

    not the cutest of the bunch, I don't think pimp mom will make much money off this one.

  • Nini

    I remember that she started wearing makeup at age 11. Waaaaay to young

  • amy

    @ x. thats not kylie... nice try though. thats kendall and shes older

  • Julie

    woof! That kid's fug.

  • meli

    unibrow hahahha

  • x

    srsly, 14?! that girl wuz born wid make up onnnnn the kardashians are just famous bcuz theyre famous, no special nothing yukkk