Readers Respond: Was Megan Fox Right to Remove Her Marilyn Monroe Tattoo?


Megan Fox definitely has the whole "bad girl" thing going for her thanks to her bold personality and multiple tattoos. However, it looks like she had a bit of a change of heart since she revealed she is in the process of removing her famous Marilyn Monroe tattoo.

The raven-haired beauty told Italian magazine Amica, “I’m removing it. It is a negative character, as she suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar. I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life.”

We think it's interesting that MF would decided to ditch her famous tat, and we took the debate to Facebook to see what you guys thought about Megan's tattoo removal.

While some think she should have just kept it, others think that she was right to get rid of it.

Ihecene H. said: "Yeah..Marilyn Was Too Legendary To Be On The Arm Of a Fake Chick !!"

Also, some people were a little offended by her comments regarding Marilyn's mental illness.

Melanie G. said: "being bipolar is a negative thing now? way to speak out on mental illness in a negative way! what a jackass. attractive people shouldnt talk."

Tanya S. added: "good lord, that quote makes her sound stupid. for one... maybe you should research something like that BEFORE you get inked... and for two, marilyn is an inspiration and because she battled an ILLNESS she should be commended for that, not labeled as a bad influence."

Laquita H. thinks it is Megan's prerogative to remove the tat: "What kind of question is that? If she feels like it's negative then that's on her. None of you have to look at it everyday, she does. If she feels the need to remove it then that's her business, we shouldn't question whether or not someone removing a tattoo is "right."

Emilie C. thinks everyone needs to chill out: "It is her opinion, if she doesn't want a tattoo of her that's her own thing. What does it matter to the world that she erased it or not. Doesn't affect us at all."

There were so many great responses we had trouble narrowing them down!

What do YOU think about Megan getting rid of her tattoo? Keep the debate going in the comments!




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  • jenag

    I say it is no ones business what she does or does not have on her body, however really megan, you should seriously watch what you say. Maybe you should hire a publisist to tell you what to say, and what not to say.

  • dumas1000

    Megan Fox has too many tatoos and it has tarnished her image, but that is beside the point. Every time she opens her mouth, she puts in foot in it. Demi Lovato has created more positive energy in a span of 6 months then Megan Fox has created in her entire lifetime. Not to mention that Catherine Zeta-Jones is ten times more of a class act then Megan will ever be. To say that bipolar creates negative energy is ill-educated, unenlightened, just plain dumb.

  • Christina Nicole Clark
    Christina Nicole Clark

    Another dumb comment from Megan Fox. This is why she gets fired from movies. So because Marilyn had some personal issues, she's now a negative influence? I just think Megan got sick of people dogging her about it. Leave Marilyn's name alone.

  • Morgan


  • rrrr

    grow up.

  • fuckoffbitch

    .....Yeah, people with downs syndrome are also ugly. Shut up bitch.

  • bee

    Good that shit was ugly.