Selena Gomez Soars to Superstardom!

Justin & Selena’s Romance
A look at Justin and Selena’s road to romance.
There is no question that teen queen Selena Gomez is extremely talented. Not only does she sing and act, but she also has proven to be one of Young Hollywood’s ‘it’ girls when it comes to fashion.

With the many offers she has had on the table, it has been her selective ‘yesses’ that have skyrocketed her to fame.

Selena began her career by appearing on several episodes of Barney at a young age, but it was her ‘yes’ to Disney’s popular series Wizards of Waverly Place that put her on the map as one of Hollywood’s newest starlets. Her show – which features a family whose kids possess magical powers – has attracted a loyal following from the tween crowd and parents alike.

Her venture into the music industry has also been a major success, as she said ‘yes’ to a recording contract that have led her to front her own band. Selena’s catchy tunes like “Naturally,” “Who Says,” and “A Year Without Rain” have gained her popularity among the teen and young adult radio listeners for whom she has become a role model for.

With a successful clothing line and new CD, Selena is destined for a bright future. Not only is she a hard worker, but her positive mindset has put her on the right track towards stardom.

This mini-mogul is already a triple threat – a singer, an actress, and an entrepreneur – and we can’t wait to see what she surprises us with next!

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