Taylor Lautner Styling at 'Abduction' Premiere in Sydney (PHOTOS)

blue steel!
Taylor Lautner Looking Dapper at the 'Abduction' Premiere in Australia

Although he's often in just a tee shirt and jeans onscreen, Taylor Lautner sure cleans up real nice! The actor looked sharp in a suit that sparkled in simmering shades of gray.

The Twilight hottie went Down Under to promote his new movie Abduction last week, now he's hitting the press line for the official star-studded premiere! On the red carpet, he told the Aussie press he's super grateful to his fans: "It's because of everyone here that I get to do what I do. I'm always thankful."

As for the film, he added: "I got to put some of that (martial arts) to use which is exciting and I managed to come out with just a few bumps and bruises."

Of course, he will also be making the rounds for the upcoming Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1, which just today got a special LA release date on November 14. 

It appears his trip will be short lived, as Taylor will be at the VMA’s holding it down for the Twilight crew. 



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  • simplydiffer

    Boy is growing up! Aging like fine wine.

  • missunderstood


  • sydsouth

    * I love his smile soooo much. * =}

  • sydsouth

    * Ooofff! *

  • sydsouth

    * wow *

  • Lisa

    What crawled up your butt? He's a good actor! Why are you even reading this article if you have something against him?

  • Diane

    Jack - Sounds like that is a Taylor Swift problem not a Taylor Lautner problem. Swift's dad did buy into the record label to get his daughter a record deal and ever since then it is all about promoting Taylor-Swift-hair-flinging-can't-sing-but-pretend-you-don't-notice-or-my-feelings-will-be-hurt-and-I-will-bully-you-with-a-Mean-song-about-you 24/7. Her parents, while extremely wealthy, sink a lot of time, money and expectations into her and they don't want their money train to have her role model status ruined. Too bad they didn't stay between Swift and John Mayer. As for Lautner - I'm not sure I will see the movie yet. I haven't seen any promos to make a judgement. I do wonder how he will grow and develop as an actor now that the Twilight series is winding down and he is leaving his teens.

  • Footyforlife

    cant wait to watch him grow as an actor .The movie looks awesome

  • Jack Crawford
    Jack Crawford

    Why would I watch ‘Abduction’? I couldn’t take any of that seriously at all. Taylor Lautner, you pathetic 19 year old Jason Bourne wannabe! Walking around all dressed in black! He acts all tough but in reality, he couldn’t even stand up to Taylor Swift’s mother. She pushed him around when he was dating Taylor Swift with a list of rules for dating her daughter: No clubs, no Hollywood parties, and always remember that her career comes first. She also told Taylor Lautner that if there was even a whiff of scandal or cheating, he’d be banned from seeing her.