Beyonce to Perform at 2011 VMAs

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As if we needed another reason to watch the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, MTV announced Wednesday that superstar Beyonce Knowles will perform during Sunday night's telecast.

No word yet on what the Run the World (Girls) singer will perform, but after the show she put on at the Billboard Music Awards and her four-night stint at New York City's Roseland Ballroom, we expect it will be pretty awesome.

Beyonce, who is up for three Moonmen this year, including Best Female Video, joins a growing list of performers that includes Adele, Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Young the Giant, Pitbull, Ne-Yo and the night's opening act, Lady Gaga.

Meanwhile, in other VMA news, MTV also announced that Nicki Minaj will debut the video for Fly with Rihanna during the VMA preshow.

The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards air Sunday at 9PM ET/PT. Relive Beyonce's epic performance at the Billboard Music Awards below.

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  • brendacool

    HELLO i am miss Brenda, i contacted you for us to be friends please mail me on ( i will tell you more about my self then, thanks, Brenda.

  • diggerdog88

    really she performing in that outfit again? get a new outfit!

  • Sherry

    I get the feeling she will perform one of the newest songs she recently did videos for. Either Party, Countdown, or End of Time. She's already done Run the World live so I get the feeling she's going to debut one of those. Glad she's performing, she usually does grandiose and awesome numbers minus one or two subpar ones. Gaga and Adele I am looking forward to. Confused over the Brit tribute and scared to see her perform. I have visions of the clumsy, lip synching of the Billboard awards. I hope she does well though kind of premature for a tribute. She's alive and only 30. Maybe interested in Bruno Mars, he has done good live performances. And Tyler the Creator should be...interesting. And glad they got rid of a host this yr. Chelsea Handler and Russell Brand ruined hosting VMAS for everyone. As much as I despise MTV, I can say every year at least something WTF-like happens.

  • Lindiwe

    I don't like the song, especially for Beyonce, but the video is doing it some justice. Especially the “Pantsula dance" that's an African trademark.

  • VanHalen

    If she performs that terrible annoying piece of shit song, I will break my television, and demand her buy me a new one.