‘Glee’ Star Ashley Fink on Lauren & Puck’s Relationship, Season 3 & More!

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Ashley Fink, who you probably know as sass-master Lauren Zizes on Glee, has had quite the year!

From going to her first Golden Globes ceremony, to touring the country (and then some!) with the whole Glee gang, there is much more in store for her in the coming months.

Ash just started filming the third season of the hit FOX show, and Celebuzz was lucky enough to snag some time with her to get some scoop on the highly-anticipated third season, favorite tour memories and much more!

What was your favorite moment from the tour?
I had too many favorite moments to count! In all honesty the tour was, so far, my favorite Glee experience. Performing, “Don’t Stop Believing” with the rest of the cast was pretty special, because that song IS Glee! But also.. I guess my, “favorite” moment every night was coming out the side of the stage to watch Chris Colfer do “Single Ladies.” I watched every single performance of that number, it was special every night and from the vantage point of where I was standing I really got to see the faces of the audience. Or the last night in Dublin It was sort a free for all. We threw away the rule book and just sang and laughed together. Boys had their shirts off..there were water guns involved. All in all it was a great time.

You said you had never traveled to Europe, did you have any culture shock?
No! Funny enough there wasn’t! The sound of excited teens screaming is the same in every country! [Laughs] However there was not ice like anywhere in the UK. You ask for iced coffee and they look at you like you’ve gone insane. THAT was shocking.

How is it being back on set for season 3? What scoop can you give us?
Because we lived Glee all summer it didn’t really feel like we were gone! However the first day back did feel like the first day of school.. Like butterflies in your tummy, plan your outfit the night before. Sadly, I have no scoop however I’m really excited for Season 3!

Where do you see Puck and Lauren’s relationship going?
I don’t know where the relationship is going! But I do know what I hope for. I hope they are always there for each other. I think their relationship is great but I LOVE their friendship.. They’ve really grown together and I hope they always have each other’s back.

The other characters all have some sort of problem going on in their lives and Lauren is the confident, sassy girl. What kind of big drama would you like to see her have?
Ha! Thats true! If Lauren had to have a problem.. I’d love her to buy in to the drama of what people deem socially acceptable… And like get a make over and be insanely politicly correct.. And then realize she’s miserable.. And was much happier as herself. That or hoarding. I’d love for Lauren to be a hoarder. And the New Directions have to do like an intervention.

If you could switch places with another Glee character for an episode, who would you choose and what would you do as the character?
Kurt. I mean. Duh. I would just be Kurt.. I mean the face.. the outfits.. the song choices.. Kurt. No hesitation.

Glee is one of the current phenomenons out there. What keeps your grounded?
Glee is a phenomenon! You know I’ve been working and hustling and auditioning for like eight years now.. So to be part of one of my favorite shows that is also making a difference in the lives of people everywhere is more than enough to keep me grounded. And if humility fails I’ve always got my Momma.

You made an appearance on The Glee Project as a mentor (alongside Mark Salling). What kind of character would you like to see the winner go in and play?
I have NO idea what they are planning for that! I love Samuel’s indie rock vibe.. I mean clearly he won my challenge. And I love the fact that I can never understand what Damien is saying but he’s so adorable saying it. I’m just as curious to see what Ryan, Ian and Brad are going to do with them as everyone else!

You recently produced your first short film titled “Olivia”. Are you looking to dive into more behind the camera projects?
Yes! That was incredible! A lot of paperwork! You know I’ve always wanted to direct.. Original right?! An actor wanting to direct.. But I think it could be so much fun to get a script and then take your vision and get it on its feet.. However working behind the camera is a LOT of work.. So many forms to fill out and pre-planning! It is a blessing to just get to put your spin as an actor on a script thats been given to you with locations that are already settled! I couldn’t ask for more!

There are many young girls that look up to you. What piece of advise that you’ve received would you pass along to them?
Do. Not. Give. Up. That says it all.. Anytime you are trying to achieve something great people will try to get in your way, cut you down etc. Keep showing up, work your ass off. An acting teacher I once had told be that. Never give up, be the best you can be, be prepared and never stop showing up. I can tell you I don’t see many of the faces I saw 8 years ago at auditions still showing up.. It takes as long as it takes, so work hard and don’t let distractions get in the way of your dream. That, and smile.

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