Happy 23rd Birthday, Rupert Grint! (PHOTOS)

It's hard to believe that it's been ten years since the world first saw Rupert Grint in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, as beloved best friend to Harry, Ron Weasley. Now, the infamous Brit is all grown up and is ready to celebrate his 23rd birthday today, August 24.

Rupert has been enjoying his post-Potter life, keeping busy by visiting his co-stars and hanging out with his friends. Rupert was spotted trying to blend into the crowd at the V Festival in England this weekend, but its hard not to notice his trademark red locks! Check out those pics after the jump!

Rupert took some time at the V Festival to talk to the Press Association about his attempt to find his place in a world without Harry Potter.
 "It's going to take a while to really sink in - it was quite a shock really. It all seemed to end quite suddenly but now the film's out it is kind of closure and I'm excited to move on. It has kind of been this bubble - it's like graduating I guess. We've all learned so much."
Check out our gallery chronicling Rupert's evolution over the years, and be sure to leave him a birthday wish in the comments below!


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  • Delarmelinaa

    i think this is great for both of them, maybe more people will know Ed's fanstatic music for Rupert, and for Rupert because he'll add more stuff to his re9sume9, and we win because we see Rupert and listen to Ed, is a win win win situation, so Great

  • Janaina

    I didn't notice that. Besides, fdrines occasionally have fights. She isn't dating either of them, so it shouldn't matter. But I don't think they seemed closer, unless they were supposed to, since in this movie Ron and Hermione have whole other story going on than Harry.

  • Lauren

    I love it

  • Bri Rose
    Bri Rose

    You are beautiful and are a great actor!! I love you lots!! <3, Bri Rose

  • Bri Rose
    Bri Rose

    Happy Birthday Rups! 23!! Wow! hope you had a good one, and many more great ones!! Can't wait to meet you!! Wishing you the best on all your days to come!! I love you!! Lots of Love, Bri Rose

  • Zenykuiin

    Wow..!! <3.<3 Beautiful...

  • Zenykuiin

    Really good...!!!

  • Zenykuiin


  • cookiebaby

    actually looks good. wow.

  • Janet Villafranca Borromeo
    Janet Villafranca Borromeo

    Happy 23rd Birthday Rupert Grint!! I wish you all the best, may you have many more to b-days to come and enjoy your special day.

  • Noah

    Don't let him fool you... [video-embed url="http%3A//www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DpHZdwkpQ-pE"]

  • Lily

    Not loving the 'do Rupes! still love you though . . .

  • frukkaustic

    happy birthday rupert grint !! love yo so much! wish you all the bessssstt