Katy Perry Is Flamin’ Hot in Barely-There Dress (PHOTOS)

Katy's 'Purr'fect Cleavage
Check out more pics of Katy's revealing dress!
Even stars like Katy Perry need their junk food fix. The “California Girls” singer was spotted today buying several bags of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos at a gas station in Los Angeles. Looks like she and Britney Spears share a similar love for the cheesy snack.

The pink-haired pop sensation really turned heads though with her outfit — a barely-there summer dress emblazoned with flower decals. The ensemble left little to the imagination, as she narrowly avoided a wardrobe malfunction when the wind blew.

After her Cheetos run, Katy tweeted:

“Kitty 2012 Purry, I think Flaming Hot Cheetos could be turned into a natural energy source #FlamingHotKatyCat.”

Before she turned her hair cotton candy pink, the busty (and then-blond) singer blended her bombshell figure with glittery children’s character in her red carpet attire in New York City last month.

Perry’s frame-fitting white dress was bedazzled to the heavens on the front with a picture of her gal, Smurfette.

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