Kellan Lutz Gets Friendly With a Fan in Las Vegas (PHOTOS)

Kellan Lutz's Sexiest Looks!
The Twilight hottie bares it all!
A key quality to many of Hollywood’s biggest stars is whether or not they’re approachable and friendly. As one lucky female fan found out on Monday, Kellan Lutz fits that bill.

The Twilight beefcake was in Las Vegas hosting the afterparty for the Spring 2012 Collection Dylan George and Abbot + Main at Chateau Nightclub at the Paris Hotel, and after hamming it up on the red carpet for the photographers, Kellan headed inside to the party. It was there that he synced up with a fellow blonde partygoer, who pounced on the opportunity to get her picture taken with Lutz — and also give him a little smooch while she was at it.

Kellan went along with it all and seemed to be having a blast. He’s got a rough life, doesn’t he?

Mr. Lutz should enjoy the free-as-a-bird partying lifestyle now, as in a month or two he’ll be back to the grueling press whirlwind once the release of Breaking Dawn nears in November.

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