Kim Kardashian's Official Wedding Photo Unveiled

Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress Photo
Kim the Bride!
Kim Kardashian Wedding Photo
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It was one of the biggest weddings of the summer, so it’s no wonder Kim Kardashian landed the cover of People Magazine!

The gorgeous Kim, 30, and new hubby Kris Humphries posed on their wedding day in a series of photos for the issue, Kim in her couture Vera Wang gown and her NBA beau in a sleek suit. Kim told the magazine that she "felt like a princess," adding:

"It was like we were in heaven."
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Her NBA beau, 26, said of the special day, "I'm going to remember how perfect it was." Aside from all the glitz and glamour of the wedding, Kim told People that it really was all about the love. 

"Glam aside, that wasn’t our main goal. It was really about our family and each other.”
In addition to People's coverage, E! will be airing the wedding event on October 9 and 10, but the cable network was kind enough to release a few tidbits from the wedding and reception. Following the ceremony, Kim swapped her Vera Wang wedding dress for an ivory mermaid gown with hand-pieced Chantilly lace on the bodice. Once inside, the couple were introduced as “Mr. and Mrs. Humphries” by R&B star Robin Thicke where they shared their first dance to Thicke’s song “Angels.” Check out the video below!


Congrats to the happy couple! You can share your well wishes to the newlyweds as well, by signing Kim’s virtual wedding guest book.

Kim's Wedding Wrap-Up!
Kim Kardashian Wedding Pictures
All of the details on Kim K's big day. Read More »


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  • Ann Jennings
    Ann Jennings

    Kim and Chris, Congratulations on your beautiful wedding day. I watch your t.v. show every Sunday and I love your whole family. I hope you two are very happy and God bless the both of you. Peace, Ann

  • Lj

    They call it a royal wedding haa. She got famous for doing a sextapee nobody kneww who the fuck sheee was! But give her credit guys she makes millions she doesnt have talent she jst has a pretty face and big ass! give money to the people tht actually work hard in the world and try to provide

  • Bambi Hicks
    Bambi Hicks

    She's jealous of what Lamar and her sister have and isn't getting enough attention, otherwise I can't see this ever happening. I feel sorry for Bruce J. He seems like the only real person in that whole family that cares and Kris treats him like a staff member not a husband.

  • courtneybaaaby

    i am seriously sick of reading about kim kardashain and her wedding!

  • Peace

    Seriously where's the groom? Without him she wouldn't have had that big day...or did he not want to be on the cover?

  • MEME

    I'm not judging, I'm simply stating the truth. When you intentionally sell your own porno tape for 15 mins of fame, you will always be looked at as smut. I don't care how much money she has benefitted from "making a better from a worst situation", she is still looked at as a joke in the eyes of many. I can't say I feel sorry for dude neither, he is most likely the laughing stock of the entire NFL, and the NBA for marryin' this broad. This is why Reggie Bush dumped her, that and he was sick of her attention whoring ways.

  • MEME

    oh please, they are very overrated and they are not business women, they just get paid to make appearances. If they were that good in business, then they would've read the fine print on the contract for those fraudulent Debit Cards they were selling. Their pimp, I mean mother, is the one inking these deals. They are a facade, a sham, and yes her success is derived from her porno tape, if she didn't have that, there would be no reality show, no deals, no nada, she would still be just Paris Hilton's exotic looking friend. Bebe dropped them, no one shops at SEARS for clothes, their boutiques, if that's what you call them are barely getting buy, her empire isn't much, because their expensive spending habits they can blow through the alledged $65 million dollars that they earn, her "husband", I mean Simp, is virtually unemployed with the NBA lockout, and still will be once it's over. Empire my ass, Bill Gates has an Empire, Warren Buffett has an empire, these hoes just paid in appearance fee's.

  • OMM

    I totally agree with you. People don't follow her because of her porn tape. Although it did bring her to the limelight she has worked so hard along her sisters to build such a great empire and that is her legacy! The difference of her and many other celebrity that has made a porn tape is that she didn't use that to become more famous instead she took responsibility and made something better of herself. And she was already famous in a way through her father. And again she didn't use her fathers name for fame she and her family made the Kardashian name the empire it is today! SO Meme, just think before you judge somebody! And what if she has gotten plastic surgery etc. she is a hardworking woman that sets a great example that maybe you will make the most stupid choices in life but you have the option to make it better and make yourself a better person! And she is my role model too along with Kourtney and Khloe!

  • mikaloca

    she is busy trying to get pregnant aka mama pimp chris orders to secure a child and alimony

  • nokwa

    U peepz needa get over the sex video, no one s perfect outchea n besides t has absolutely nuin 2 do wit da weddin, she not perfect so are u!! All the best kim

  • sona

    ok so i'm not protecting Kim or anybody else, but do you really think that just because of her "home made porn video" people watch her show? or that people say- "oh, look she made a home made porn video, let's go buy her perfume, or shop at bebe or sears"???? NO! yes the video made her famous, but she has built and empire!

  • dotmatrix

    I give it nine months tops, most likely six.

  • michele

    I think kim is sexy, of course! but this wedding is just a little too much, I mean HELLO!! she had on more jewels then the future queen of england at her wedding, by the way REMEMBER THAT WEDDING. that was a event of history, not kim getting hitched theres no history in that. SORRY.

  • Jessica

    Seriously no offence but Kris really looks like Frankenstein D:

  • michele

    To michele, If that family would give any kind of cash to a cause, after watching the show, I think they would prob. have a hugh party with press there so it could be on the cover of a mag. This family has NO talant. they cant sing, dance, act, work at a real job. If it wasn't for kims sex tape we would never know them. ""its true"" kim was just paris hilton friend. then BOOM,,,,SEX TAPE SALE, ALONG WITH HER DIGNITY

  • Dee

    Believe me, if they gave even 2 cents, we would know because it would either be on the show or in the mags! This family does not miss ANY chance for a boost! Trust me on this one! So sad.

  • Rebecca

    Why wouldnt she make this about her marriage, not herself, and have a picture of the two of them on the cover??

  • Michelle

    How do you know they don't see and respond to real issues going on in the world like famine? Lots of people donate and give anonymously. How much have you given to these causes or any others? Can you prove it? You don't know what these people do to give back, so don't judge until you can prove otherwise.

  • MEME

    A mountain of plastic surgery on her body, an arrogant, selfish, and narcisitic personality, and her legacy is a cheap homemade porno tape, you need a better role model. Oh, and this sham of a wedding is the lowest of what she will do for attention.

  • tracy

    It is all for money and a new t.v show.

  • Noah

    I wore that same dress to my Bar Mitzvah.

  • ertwerytetwert

    Cause he's ugly as dirt.

  • Eli

    Their wedding gift list was insane. A big waste of money !!

  • Eli

    I love her and her family but sometime they don't see the chance they have. They are not talented but they are so wealthy. They don't seem to care about the economic crisis or the famine in Africa... It's sad. Because at list that could make them famous for a good thing.

  • smash

    my thoughts exactly proof it wasnt a wedding but a publicity stunt. is there anything those slags wouldn't do for money... nope.

  • Tress Brown
    Tress Brown

    Why isn;t the groom on the cover?

  • Mariann Sierra
    Mariann Sierra

    i think she is absolutely gorgeous but her wedding dress was something less desired for. didn't care for the raindrops on her head.

  • julesmarie

    She is stunningly beautiful. I don't agree with everything she's done in her life but there's no denying her physical beauty.

  • missundersttod

    I'm so happy for Kim,but the about of coverage this wedding has been receiving is beyond ridiculous :-)

  • Nicole

    it looks photo-shopped to death

  • cheyanne

    Absolutely Gorgeous! I can't wait to get my People magazine this week and read all about it.

  • Nicole Lindsay
    Nicole Lindsay

    Kim Kardashian has a healthy model figure that boasts an ample cleavage, fuller legs and a fuller backside. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the country. She proves that curves really are sexy!