Kimberly Stewart and Benicio Del Toro Baby Daughter Named Delilah

kimberly-stewart-baby name

Rod Stewart, 66, is singing his new granddaughter's praises ... literally! "I'm a grandfather now," the music icon gushed to USA Today. The paper adds that he started singing out the name Delilah. "I've been going around blabbing that for hours now."

Delilah was born Sunday to Rod's 32-year-old daughter Kimberly Stewart and actor Benicio Del Toro, 44. Rod, a father-of-eight, has a newborn himself. He and wife Penny Lancaster-Stewart are raising their 6-month-old Aiden. "We had everyone at the hospital to help Kimberly," he said of his family. "I won't say we always agree, but we get along."

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The newborn was 22 inches long and weighed 8 lbs 9 oz. Back when the baby news was announced, Benicio's rep said of the news, "Benicio is the father and very supportive. Although [he and Kimberly] are not a couple, they are looking forward to the arrival of the baby.”



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  • Stacy Hirsh
    Stacy Hirsh

    Benicio is hot but Kimberly is an ugly bitch who had a one night stand and got prego, Benicio made it clear he only wanted her for sex, the stupid ho has to raise her kid all by herself, serves her right.

  • ebony

    Benicio Del Toro is a great actor. What kind of name is Benicio. Benicio is a ugly name. Benicio is so ugly. Kimberly Stewart is ugly. Deliah is a ugly name. What the hell where they thinking.

  • Karen Orr
    Karen Orr


  • danielleakame

    i like the name :o) but i totally forgot that she was preggers.

  • narla72

    Heard he's a Tom Jones fan that's probably why they chose the name.

  • narla72

    Interesting...Delilah Stewart Del Toro or Delilah Del Toro (DDT)

  • ann

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  • Melanie VanSanten
    Melanie VanSanten

    Congratulations! Delilah is a great choice. I’m a new mother myself and I highly recommend having children. My hips are bigger…my breasts are bigger. I’m loving it! I feel like more of a woman now. It definitely makes me feel so much sexier than ever before.


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