Readers Respond: Are You Happy For Expectant Couple Brenda Song & Trace Cyrus?

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Bringing a baby into the world is always an exciting time in anyone’s life, but at 23 and 22-years-old, (respectively) Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus are definitely on the younger side of parenthood.

Celebuzz broke the news that the couple is expecting their first child together, and we asked our readers on Facebook what they thought of this baby news.

Krisha J. kept things simple by saying: “Oh… Wow!!! ;O Thats All That I Can Say !”

Lots of people didn’t even know these two were dating!

Diantha O. said: “They were dating??”

Gabriela R. said: “WTF?! :-o when did that happen?!”

Rose Z. said: “wow, they don’t even seem suited 2 each other, i guess opposties 2 attract!…..”

Heather R. is happy for the two, saying: “WOW….did not know they were an item. GREAT news though, I love her.”

Phelicia O. had well wishes, saying: “WTF?How old are they?LOL.The look of that Baby.Anyway.And he looks like Mick Jagger lol.But I wish them the best:)”

Hanna B. said: “I can honestly say that this is unexpected!!CONGRATS tough..”

The overall take away from this? Though many people are surprised by the news, they’re happy for the couple.

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