Taylor Kitsch: Better Off Buzzed? (POLL)

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Say goodbye to the old Taylor Kitsch. The Friday Night Lights dreamboat has chopped off his long, luscious locks! 

Taylor showed off his new look this past weekend at the Disney D23 expo (see pics from the event), where he talked about his new film. 

Now that he's graduated from the high school paying field (FNL was sadly canceled) he's moving on to leading man status on the big screen in John Carter. The setting? Mars.

"We shot on this incredibly desolate, dry lake bed," he says. "There's a scene where John wakes up on Mars and that as an actor to be able to just work off your surroundings and everything, obviously to be alive and just in front of you is just ... it helps quite a bit"

The Disney film is a big-budget science-fiction epic that will likely catapult the actor from high school stud to box office hero. 

Which hairstyle do you rather? Take our poll and sound off in the comments!



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  • jacquie

    I agree with julesmarie 100% the cancelled comment typical rubbish they print because they can, it evokes a reaction !!!

  • julesmarie

    Long or short hair, he's gorgeous. I just want to see more of him....

  • Tee

    Hmmm I thought FNL ended the series with a finale - not canceled as above. Hear there is a movie being proposed. IF Tim Riggins is in 60% or more of the movie, I'll be there, otherwise Pass...