Ashton Kutcher Gears Up For Battle, Reveals Tidbits From ‘Two and a Half Men’ (VIDEO)

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Ashton Kutcher was taking precaution when he showed up to chat with David Letterman Wednesday night following the Late Show host receiving terrorist death threats. 

The new Two and a Half Men star made light of the situation by coming out wearing a protective vest that read “Not Dave” and a helmet. “I gotta watch it man, you can’t be too careful sitting next to a guy being fatwa-ed,” Kutcher joked. 

The Punk’d star was on Letterman to chat about his new role on Two and a Half after replacing Charlie Sheen. He’s set to play Walden Schmidt, a young billionaire computer entrepreneur, but played coy when asked how they killed Sheen’s character off.

“I really like this job, this is an amazing show! It’s the same show … maybe the dynamics have shifted a little.”

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