Did 'Jersey Shore's' JWoww Get Plastic Surgery? Expert Answers!

Jwoww Jenni Farley 'Jersey Shore' Plastic Surgery

Although Jersey Shore babe Jenni 'JWoww' Farley has openly admitted to having plastic surgery in the past, some are saying she's secretly gone under the knife once again. 

Viewers have noted that her ample lips look a little more plump than usual, and her skin seems high and tight. 

"People are saying I got cheek implants, my chin shaved down and a nose job," she tells In Touch, denying she's had any more work.

"I lost 15 pounds and my cheeks have become more defined. I highlight my cheeks instead of putting bronzer on them," she added. "'I'll probably get Botox by the time I'm 30 and have my breast implants redone in a few years after I've had kids."

Celebuzz talked to celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher -- who has not treated the reality star -- for his expert opinion on the matter. Does he think her appearance has been altered by a professional? We sent him a series of photos and asked him to tell give us his thoughts. 

"I have reviewed the photos of her ... and do not believe she has had any plastic surgical intervention," he says.

See Dr. Fisher's website for more info on plastic surgery -- including how to select the right doctor! 



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  • Euphoriaac

    She is a little skinny for my taste, but I think she looks fantastic. She is in great shape. Very fit. I like her personality and I do not think she is doing drugs. She is very health conscious.

  • she looks like a crackhead she looked better b4
    she looks like a crackhead she looked better b4

    she looks like a crackhead she looked better b4 wit a lil more meat on her bones

  • rich

    after watching this seasons episodes, i am convinced she is popping xanex or relaxers of some kind. she is slurring and head bobbing. always.

  • Rob

    She looks like she's on drugs. She was so beautiful before. What has she done to herself?

  • reek

    Duhhh!! Thts myi dawg!! She's beautiful!!

  • guest.

    awh, i hope her and roger have kids.. :) she's gorgeous either way though.. soo..

  • Guest

    She's plumped full of fillers...they all look alike now...! Look how pretty Kim K was before she had Botox and filler injections! A shame!

  • candyappleblue

    I think she's beautiful, but I would like to see what she looked like before the boob job. They look too big and unbalanced. I bet she looked awesome before she had anything done. I think the weight loss made a big difference in her face. She looks fab.

  • ann

    She looks great!~~ Afflu~ent Sin*gle * c/-0 m ~~ a place connecting millionaire admirers and wealthy people.

  • ME

    I don't think you need an expert for that. Of course she did.

  • Omuwa

    She looks all most the same,maybe she's been working out doesn't look like she got surgery..Love Jersey Shore though whoot whoot

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    She looks the same to me. Lol

  • courtneybaaaby

    yes and shes admited it, shes had a boob job, and lipo, thats it.

  • xoxo

    love jersey shore :)

  • Jen

    i think she SURE looked better before. she looks so fake now (if you can get more fake)... but yea... no doubt about it. especially after watching this new season.

  • Alaxandra Ballesteros
    Alaxandra Ballesteros

    YES she did, dont think she need it, but she’s still beautiful ♥

  • Alax

    YES she did, dont think she need it, but she's still beautiful ♥