Emily Deschanel Kisses Animal Cruelty Goodbye: How You Can Help!

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We know Emily Deschanel solves crime and saves the day on the hit televison show Bones, but who knew she was such a hero in real life?

Here at Celebuzz, we like to see stars doing good and standing up for what they believe in. Emily just signed up to be a spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary’s “Walk For Farm Animals,” which stresses compassion towards farm animals involved in animal cruelty. 

The organization brings to attention animals such as pigs, cows, chickens have feelings and personalities just like our pet dogs and cats, yet they are not treated with the same respect.  When being used for meat, the animals are treated as if they are inanimate objects whose well-being isn’t valued.

The Farm Sanctuary share their knowledge on behalf of animal cruelty and hold organizational, fun filled “walks” which brings thousands of people together to join in on the cause. These walks are held all over cities in the United States and Canada, and welcome any and everyone to join and get in on the cause. Maybe we’ll be seeing Emily there someday?!

We love what Emily and the Farm Sanctuary are doing to spread the word!

To get more information, sign up for a walk near you, or see a video posted by Emily, visit www.walkforfarmanimals.org