Happy Hunktastic Birthday to Alexander Skarsgard! (PHOTOS)

birthday boy!
Alexander Skarsgard Wears All-Black Gym Clothes in NYC

Happy birthday Alexander Skarsgard!

The True Blood hottie turns 35 (!) today, and life has never been better for him. Between his hit HBO show and a slew of movie projects in the works, his career is just about as red hot as he is.

So, how does one celebrate their big day?

Getting a work out in!

The Swedish actor was spotted in NYC in all black on his way to the gym with his earphones securely placed in his ears.

Since ASkars looks sexy no matter what he's doing, check out some of his hottest looks below!

Some of the projects Alexander is working on include the thriller Straw Dogs, the action flick Battleship and the drama What Maisie Knew (which he is currently filming in NYC). Check out some photos of him on set of What Maisie Knew below!

Be sure to wish the hunky actor a happy birthday in the comments!

PS, are we the only ones who didn't know that he was in Zoolander?! He's the male model in green. Talk about a flashback! Look how far he's come! Check it out below!




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  • Javier

    Firstly, that picture just inpeirss waves and waves of passion.Secondly, she's in what? Two episodes of the freaking show, and only one of those they have scenes together (working closely my ass) and that hasn't even been shown yet. Granted the previews show them rolling around on top of one another.But still. No one is commenting on the fact that Lindsay Lohan is tweeting pictures of herself with vampire fangs and saying its cause she wants to be like the vampires in TrueBlood? I say fight red headed harlots!!!

  • brendacool

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  • Sarah

    Grattis På Födelsedagen!!!!!!!! Ha en toppen dag!! btw i am writing in swedish, if anyone wondered.

  • ann

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  • Jimmy DW
    Jimmy DW

    Happy birthday Alex . Wish you all the best this year . Have a blast . God bless . Enjoy !

  • Michael Mora
    Michael Mora

    Oh Happy Birthday to you!

  • Isabela Bez
    Isabela Bez

    happy birthday, you hottie!