If Britney Spears Wasn’t a Singer She Would Be…

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Popjustice recently talked with Britney Spears, and in a seemingly fast-paced, don’t think before you answer type interview the pop star gets candid about her current career (and mental) status.

Brit says that if she was not a singer, she would probably be a teacher.

“I love kids and even in what I do now one of my favorite parts of my day is getting to meet my fans before the show. Especially the little ones. They are always so cute,” Spears says adding: “I’d specialise in reading and history.”

Still our favorite question and answer we’ll let Popjustice phrase for themselves:

There’s a question I’ve got written down here, which I’ll explain properly once you’ve supplied me with an answer, and the question is: if you were locked in a room with only a saucepan, what would you do?
I’d knock on the door with it.

Such a logical response! Give the interview a read for more on Spears’ view on the world.