Kendall Jenner Talks Kim Kardashian Wedding, Charity, Modeling on 'Access'

Kendall Jenner Talks Wedding

Fresh off of a never-to-be-forgotten weekend, Kendall Jenner dropped by Access Hollywood on Thursday to talk about everything Kardashian ... except one topic she couldn't really expound upon.

Appearing in her cheerleading gear, Kendall sported a big smile and did her best to dodge wedding questions from hosts Kat Hoover and Arsenio Hall  -- as much of the information is being held for other media outlets. Still, she deflected like a pro, saying about it: "I had a great time ... and I'd love to talk to you about it, but I'm kind of here to talk about the Varsity National School Spirit Day."

Despite being peppered with questions, Kendall kept her answers short and simple, not giving too much wedding info.

When the topic shifted to Kendall's cheerleading outfit, she explained:

"Varsity's National School Spirit day is ... to bring recognition to cheerleaders who do community service ... and I actually volunteered myself for Meals on Wheels ... I had a really great time doing it. It was really a life-changing experience for me."
When asked about the infamous show moment where she got into a fight with Kim about runway modeling, Kendall replied: "I'm just scared. I get nervous and feel like I'm going to fall or something."

Kendall encouraged everyone to visit -- and even busted out a cheer for the hosts.

Kendall and sisters Kylie, Khloe and Kourtney were all bridesmaids in Kim's fairy tale wedding -- all donning white in a very British move.


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  • villiam44

    well, i would like to say that A wedding is supposed to be a special time for people who want to be together.she says well,


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