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Hi dolls!!! I'm excited to announce that my sisters and I are giving away $1000 worth of Kardashian Kollection merchandise from our showrooms to TWO lucky winners!

All you have to do to enter is take a picture of yourself at one of the Kardashian Kollection stores inside Sears across the country and tweet it TO @CELEBUZZ with the hashtag #KardashianKollection then we will go through the entries and pick two of our favorites. You can be silly, serious, take your friends, family, pets (if the store allows it lol) as long as you are at the Kardashian Kollection store in Sears!

You have until 12pm, Wednesday, August 31 to enter. You must be a resident of the United States.

Good luck, dolls!

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  • kkforever

    WHO WON??? when will you guys announce the WINNERS?? :) :) its killing me ...waiting almost a month now :(

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones

    You guys should bring your fashion line to australia!!! please :)

  • not fair u guys shud open in tweed heads,nsw australia im one of ur many fans rob is so cute
    not fair u guys shud open in tweed heads,nsw australia im one of ur many fans rob is so cute

    From leonie porter in tweed heads

  • Jessica Rodriguez
    Jessica Rodriguez

    Awww... I thought the contest was until 12 AM. :'( I wanted to participate so badly because I'm pregnant and about to pop and was ready to wear my fav girls collection. "/

  • Tina

    I fell in love with yalls clothing line :)

  • Seph Reagans
    Seph Reagans

    i love u guyz keep going on with whatever u do,it's jst gret.i usually watch u in tv & i jst feel gret 4 u pple.from KENYA

  • Lalli Lopez
    Lalli Lopez

    really? that makes me sad:(

  • Karen bentz
    Karen bentz

    We dont have ur collection in ma yet. Would luv to be able to purchase some clothing there f az b..:-)

  • Ivy Jackson
    Ivy Jackson

    :( bummer. I live in SA

  • kimberly austin
    kimberly austin

    Just love that you all are a close loving family. A true inspiration to our family of four. Khloe is my favorite she's amazon like me n still wears her heels with confidence and she keeps it real. Also I've been a fan since day one LOVE U KARDASHIANS! {3

  • Johnathon tucker
    Johnathon tucker

    Kardashians sisters are sexy

  • Excited to see the collection and I would lov to rock your beautiful clothes
    Excited to see the collection and I would lov to rock your beautiful clothes

    I'm so excited to see your collection! You lady's have great style! And I would be so greatfull!!

  • Jessica

    Please oh please girls id love to,get it please I love you guys I will giv we anything please bless me,with from oakland ca and really need,something like this please

  • Jessica

    Please oh please girls id love to,get it please I love you guys I will giv we anything please bless me,with from oakland ca and really need,something like this

  • elizabeth

    Enter me n drawn n.

  • Dina

    I love u girls & I love ur program , I live in Egypt but I watch ur program . I hope I can shop from ur store coz I love ur clothes style , & I love shopping clothes.

  • BreAnne

    Your collection wont be in louisville until september :(

  • monica ochoa
    monica ochoa

    I love u guys. My little sister is starting college and it would be nice to give her this as a gift.

  • Elizabeth

    Hey Kardashians I am big fan of yours and Kylee and Kendal. I love what they`ve been doing these past few weeks. Keep up the work.

  • daisy yeboah
    daisy yeboah

    I am a care given, I take care the ages. I will be very happy if l win. but first of all l love your program keeping up with kardashian I never miss it. it reminds me of me and my mother when I was africa, me n my sisters always make fun of her. I wayl you guys always make fun of your mother. I recently bought a dress from hsn that was products. Things are very hard for me these days if I win this. I'll be very happy to go n show it to my family in africa thank you guys.

  • Cortney Murphy
    Cortney Murphy

    Love the new threads! Congrats on the new line. Amazing!

  • Geraldine Mendoza
    Geraldine Mendoza

    Having a chance to win a collection of the Kardashian would be a great wish from you girls. I love your show have watched every episode.

  • michella

    I can really use some new clothes. So I will do whatever it takes.

  • Sha-Petty Foo-Chong
    Sha-Petty Foo-Chong

    I'll be so over the moon if I win ur collection, coz I reali lyk ur programs.....all episode, I havent met you galz but feel like i alredi did by watching ur programs. So I wish I can win that coz Im telling yous I REALI like da way u galz dressing up ur fashion its just wicket. Thankz.

  • Yvette Lagetw
    Yvette Lagetw

    Love your collection

  • Kristi

    Tina I was in a similar situation as you it is hard as a mother I know! Got to your local DHS and tell them your situation they can help you with emergency housing, food stamps. If you don't have a job they would be able to help with that to. PLEASE LOOK DHS UP!! it will help! I don't work for them I just now from other peoples experience and my Own. Good luck doll I know it is hard but keep your head high for your son! God bless

  • michelle blumenthal
    michelle blumenthal

    I love al the kardashins girls. There all so beautiful and have a great since of style. I love clothes fashion. But im so not worthy of wearing any nice beautiful cloths. Since i have had my two daughters i have gained so much weight. My self - esteem is so love i hate myself for all the weight i have gained. I wish i had the confedence and pride that you wounderful ladies have. Love those K girls

  • tina stinson
    tina stinson

    I watch your shows all the time,I once seen a show where you helped a homeless guy and you took him to your home to shower,well I say this because I am a single mom with a 12 yr old son.we happen to be homeless we have been living in motels week to I am scared because he needs to be enrolled into a school and I don't know where to because I don't have anything to call home,I drive a van donated from a church which is not reliable it keeps breaking down plus with gas so expensive I can't afford it,I don't know what's going to happen but I am scared to death I have no parents my dad passed 6 yrs ago and my mom did last September I have no faimly to help,I am trying to protext my sonyours truely tina stinson

  • Adriana Campos
    Adriana Campos

    U guys r great..luv u dolls

  • crystal romero
    crystal romero

    I'm sorry girls after reading the instructions I realize u request a picture at a Sears store there is not one where I live! I apologize for wasting ur time.

  • kathryn

    Oh damn! I wish i lived in America!! At least i can still buy the clothes online :) gotta love the internet :D

  • Crystal Romero
    Crystal Romero

    I am a mother of four, I am a correctional officer for the local jail and do the front office work also! I am to the man of my dreams who works hard to support us but our kids come first so my clothes come 2nd had or from k- mart! I am a huge fan of the kardashian girls and would love to show them off in the small town I live of Raton NM! I appriciate what yous do

  • dotmatrix

    You obviously care a lot about what I think. Come on, listen to yourself, why do you worship these people? They contribute nothing to society; take your money and send it to famine relief for Somalia or something. Don't help make these worthless people even richer.

  • Monique Aviles
    Monique Aviles

    I am a 29 year old woman who works as a construction worker. I would really live to win this merchandise I work really hard for mine 6 days a week and when my man wants to go out I have nothing cute to wear don't have to much time for myself I have a 3 year old daughter. I've been feeling really boyish cause of my job always I'n my vest hat and work boots so I got some hi-lights the other day all I need now is this gift from you beautiful women I sure will appreciate it. My fav I kourtney help me out Kourt :)

  • kristina

    Love all you guys hope Sears goes well for all of your family!

  • Alisha Bowers
    Alisha Bowers

    Most department stores/malls don't allow you to take photos... just a heads up to everyone ;) I know this after working in retail for years.

  • Tiffany

    Love you guys ... I hope I win ;0)

  • kristina

    Love you all!

  • Monique Aviles
    Monique Aviles

    I would really love to win a 1,000 worth of merchandise. I'm a 29 year old woman who is a construction worker I just want to feel more glam sometimes, I just got some highlights and the clothes will help. I am a very kind hearted person I think I deserve something nice like this I love your guys style. I would really love this take a look at my pics I need help thank u :)

  • alicia ramirez
    alicia ramirez

    I admire you girls. all of you are so sweet. Kim we have the same birth dates october 21st! :) I thought that was prety cool.. God bless you kardashians :)

  • kathryn briscoe
    kathryn briscoe


  • kathryn briscoe
    kathryn briscoe

    Would <3 to win $ for dash collection! Love nice clothes but usually jus stick to shopping at wet seal ....cute clothes but not made nearly as good as this collection! <3 <3 <3

  • gabby

    Love it....been your fan since 2003 you guys rock love ya Courtney!!!!!

  • tania


  • Chidi

    I want to participate ,but am from nigeria.wil it workout for me when i do it in nigeria.boy of 22yrs.

  • Noreen josef
    Noreen josef

    How i wish i get your prizes but i cant im so faraway away. it just a dream to win here. Im from the Philippines. Wish i get the your giving away i know it will not fit me but simple stuff from u guys will make me happy like uour bags. Thank u!

  • Monica

    Love ur show and most of all love ur fashion style.. Keep me..!!

  • Shanerica

    I would really love to win this contest because I am 15 years old & I have great dreams for myself , I love fashion , I would one want to become a model & I adore all of your shows , your outfits really inspire me . I love you guys moaning ! Love , Shanerica

  • joan vega
    joan vega

    I wish I could win .... I love your show u guys are so beutifull all 5 SIS . Plz give me a chance to were some of ur clothing . I love ur stile of way of dressing

  • bianca chionchio
    bianca chionchio

    you guys are amazing rolemodels . fabulous collection (:

  • Pam wilson
    Pam wilson

    I would love to win bec ause I just 64 pounds on slim quick and I need new clothes and I would love to have you make me over and to knock the socks off my husband. To show him that iam still sexy. Please help me call me at 660 591 2648

  • Lizbeth chavez
    Lizbeth chavez

    Love u girls! Can wait for ur clothing line. So excited, I'm a hairstylist and I'm always looking up to u guys when it comes to style. So by having to look good everyday for my job, I can't wait for it!!! Hopefully I win and can have u in my closet so I can look like a Doll EVERYDAy!! ;) xx

  • Pam wilson
    Pam wilson

    I would love to win bec ause I just 64 pounds on slim quick and I need new clothes and I would love to have you make me over and to knock the socks off my husband. To show him that iam still sexy. Please help me

  • Pam wilson
    Pam wilson

    I would love to win bec ause I just

  • sallyjenn

    heck yes, i would love to win, i adore you all, the whole family is great, so happy that you nbow have a handsome man to call your hubby, you did good girl, he is hot!!!! what a great couple you make!

  • ruth

    Love it.

  • Vannessa Ubierna
    Vannessa Ubierna

    Love your style....this will make me go to sears!

  • Reginald de Jager
    Reginald de Jager

    2 Stellenberg Road Northcliff Ext 20 Florida Roodepoort 1709 NW Johannesburg 10 Km from Johannesburg next to Telkom Newlands Greymont

  • Asya Lian
    Asya Lian

    I love to shop!

  • Perla R Quinones
    Perla R Quinones


  • Dee

    What about Australia Kim? I would love to entre but I can't :'(

  • Patty n
    Patty n

    Love it! N want it bad!

  • Erica

    Would be great to hv a Dash store in London.xx

  • rebecca

    I luv ur clothes, and ur family. I wish u the best in ur marriages.

  • Jennifer Alvarez Lombardo
    Jennifer Alvarez Lombardo

    what if your in iraq and wont be in the states for a few more mon? :( its ok, ive already bought and sent some stuff home :)

  • Faisal

    What about your fans who lives out of the united states ???Ohh i wanna there Kim please

  • mi


  • Kiersten Ainsworth
    Kiersten Ainsworth

    I love fashion & I love love love the Kardashian fashion line, plus Kim is my FB celeb twin lol... my fingers are crossed!!

  • Tricia

    Love u dolls but I dont tweet! I sure would love to win tho! ;)

  • Jennifer Crooks
    Jennifer Crooks

    Me and my best friend who is like a sister watch your show religiously!!! Please pick me, I'm a single mom and can't afford to buy her a wedding gift so this would be the perfect gift for her!!! Thanks, you girls are Awesome!!!

  • omaira martinez
    omaira martinez

    Wish me luck I soo need this

  • patricia johnson
    patricia johnson

    Hello lady's i love watch you lady's ,you ladys are great person's you has of that i see you ladys haven't changed since ive been watchen uyour mom did a great job with all of u,i would love to have my mom in my life like yours.she truelly cares and love u lady's alot.well i hope u,pray that you lady's pike me

  • monica zaragoza
    monica zaragoza

    Omg... I love you and your clothes!!! Hook a sister up. :)

  • rosemay

    luv u girlz,pick me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz............................

  • Angela Pere
    Angela Pere

    Can I enter from Australia? What other way can I purchase your collection from Sydney? Absolutly love you girls & your mom is awesome!

  • Erica

    Oh i was soooo excited when i seen this!!! But we dont have a Sears where im from (i'd have to fly to seattle to take a picture :(:() and when i was down in Seattle last weekend shopping for my daughters school clothes the Sears didnt have any of the clothes out yet!!! Which was a BUMMER cuz i really wanted to buy some!!! Anyways Goodluck to everyone who enters and Congrats to the 2 lucky people who win!!! Kim, Klohe and Kourtney you are awesome and Babby mason is sooooo handsome!!!

  • corena martinez
    corena martinez

    Please help a young girl with new stuff im a single parent and even if I ever would want 2 get something at ur stores I would not be able 2 afford 5053284852 my name is Corena I am 23 and I have a little girl who is 6 years she is my world well hope I win thx

  • candice stevens
    candice stevens

    Kardashian kollection in the uk?? You girls are my fashion icons <3

  • Leticia Castillo
    Leticia Castillo

    I can't afford cable, but I catch your show when I can, mostly an your sisters are beautiful:)..I love how real your family is..jus wanted to say I'm a huge fan..

  • Carla

    Are there any stores in Northern Ireland?

  • Yomarie

    I would love to take a silly picture with my friends, but I live in Puerto Rico. :(

  • jessica winters
    jessica winters

    Kardashians are the shit!!

  • Rowan

    We need the Kardashian Kollection in The Netherlands! Your stuff is to die for! Love!

  • Cortney Bass
    Cortney Bass

    I simply love all of you ladies and I can't wait to try your collection! It looks fab dolls! :)

  • SaderG

    Just put up my picture on twitter! Hope I win, my picture is really creative!

  • Bernadette Young
    Bernadette Young

    I love you tres Kardashians Maria's!! I have been your avid fan since 2007 :)

  • tabitha wilkin
    tabitha wilkin

    are they available at sears in canada??

  • Kim

    SHUT UP CANADA!!! If u don't like them just keep your mouth shut n stay off Their page!!! No one cares if you like them or not your an ugly negative person n nO one cares what u think!!! Go find some canadians to comment to WE LOVE KARDASHIANS IN AMERICA!!!!

  • R


  • dotmatrix

    I can avoid Sears so I don't have to be exposed to this Kollection, and I can thank God I live in Canada, so there is absolutely no possibility of my entering this kockamamie Kontest, even by accident.

  • i bought myself 3 pieaces i cant wait for them to arrive...
    i bought myself 3 pieaces i cant wait for them to arrive...

    i bought myself 3 pieaces i cant wait for them to arrive...

  • Marion

    Not fair! What about us, your international fans? :-(

  • whatajoke

    You're kidding right?

  • Ale

    I don't live in the United Estates and I can't buy your clothes..this is so sad :(!!

  • yesenia urena
    yesenia urena

    I will totally loved to have anything from u guys collection, it could be any small or used, it doesn't metter. im a such a big fun of u girls and familly. love u all. looking forward to find you guys collection in sears . god bless u all. :)

  • Maribel Gatica
    Maribel Gatica

    I love watching kim kardashians plz let me win...

  • Jessica Langdon
    Jessica Langdon

    aww i dont have that shop :/

  • oluwatayo taiwo
    oluwatayo taiwo

    i knw dat if u did win u hw be hapi?but just pray 2 ur lord jesus chirst?wit him u are goin 2 win?and u are goin 2 hve hapi maryd.

  • Sofia

    Canadians dont count?

  • Sofia

    Canadians dint count?

  • Loredana Michele
    Loredana Michele

    hi,my name is Loredana and i live in italy.there are no stores SEARS here unfortunately,i admire your style and i think you are a model of human beeing as behaviour,humanity and morality,not only of best wishes to your family and congratulation for your fabulous wedding.i wish you the very best in life.even if i can't win,i would be so happy if you would write me back,if you can .kiss:)

  • Rama Thiam
    Rama Thiam

    don't have dash in dakar -senegal

  • mrs.denise worrell
    mrs.denise worrell

    Sorry spll khloe nme wrong. Lol!

  • mrs denise worrell
    mrs denise worrell

    Hi kim I luv u & ur sisters I watch yll every sun if I miss dat day I'll catch it on the week days. even watch the repects dats hw much I luv watchin ur family. Yll keep up the good work & kim u have a bless marriage u & khole I hope & pray dat korthney find her mr right if her & scott doesn't make it n life. Yall stay sweet luv yall gurls. Luv, Mrs.Denise Worrell :}

  • CJ

    My wife diggz url the K.Kollection.

  • Eugenia

    So not fair, we live n NZ, we don't have those shops here to enter.......:(

  • Jennifer Kwon
    Jennifer Kwon

    I love you. <3

  • yokasta

    I'm from in dominican republic. :(

  • Nishi Khatra
    Nishi Khatra

    You should do a contest for us Canadian DASH DOLLS:)

  • Brianna

    If i have time before school starts im totally making a special trip to the mall to go to Sears!

  • Amanda

    I love u dolls!!! But this display does not open at my sears until September ;( but I can't wait to see your clothing and buy some !!!!!!

  • Wanda Banks
    Wanda Banks

    My daughter and I love your collection. Its so beautiful girls nice job ! We would love to win a fresh new look. I just lost 104lbs in less than a year I really need a fresh start so please pick us.

  • crucita

    The display at my local sears doesn't open till September

  • Debra

    I would not ever buy your clothes or any that have your names on it.why dont you go to some poor and needed person and give them about 100.000 dollar,instead of getting all that money you made off a wedding that want last.try doing somthing for cherity,

  • ann

    ~~~~ 'Afflu~ent Single.'* c'0M --- that's all serious dating. Millions of members with good economic condition and high quality. Someone suitable is here waiting for u. Afflu~ent Sin*gle. ℃○'M

  • Veronica Perez
    Veronica Perez

    I love your show and how you dress and how beutiful you are. I have 3 boys two of them are twins no time or money for myself. ;) I need it

  • Barbara brown
    Barbara brown

    hello dolls, I would love to win! I pray I am picked. love watching your show and hope you guys are on tv go r years to come:)

  • surfer-ily

    does Puerto Rico apply? it is technically part of the US...

  • Aimee Gilbert
    Aimee Gilbert

    I love you style. Every time I see you out or on the red carpet you look fab. Bible! I watch Keeping up with the Kardashian every Sunday.

  • Ingrid

    Hi Kim, I'm a 43 years old single mom of 2 boys and 1 girl. My 19 year old doughter Beija love you so much, her birhday is next October 9, and I was wondering if u can sorprise her with anything, no matter what it's. I know she will be really happy . Thanks and congratulation and the best of luck with your marriage. Sincerly Ingrid Arias

  • Denise

    i love watching your show with your famaily you girls r beautiful and mason is a doll xoxoxo

  • Melissa

    Noooo!!! I am in Venezuela and I'd love to be in any sears checking out your cloth like right now!!! But I'll go on october to buy everything of your collection!!!

  • Mia

    We need the K Kollection in Australia!!!!

  • Fiona

    I have a pic of myself at sears but I live in Australia :( Hope the winner appreciates their win and has a fab time shopping! Kind regards Fifi

  • francesca

    noooo pretty please open a store in the uk!! i was so excited to enter but cant :-( please come to the uk .... preferibly manchester hehe xo

  • jeannine sidote
    jeannine sidote

    I wish i could look as beauitful as you all... What i wouldnt give to smile fully again ...

  • jalisa

    I have confidence that I will win

  • Jennifer thompson
    Jennifer thompson

    I looooooove this line I wanna win bad!

  • Stephanie

    Please please I would love to win your collection

  • Deanaholmes

    I wish I could enter but where I live we dont have a sears with your collection.

  • Laura

    I was so happy when I saw the contest but just until when I saw the task. Because in my country (Lithuania) there are any Kardashian store or Sears shop. Lucky girls who can take photos there and win the prize. I hope that maybe someday I will be in this kind of contest too. :)

  • Rocky Abbasi
    Rocky Abbasi

    So hears the deal, not only do I own a Towing company and like to look good but 8I live in rual Nevada where the closest Sears is 200+ miles away. Wish I could have entered.... Good luck to you all!

  • leslie hargis...
    leslie hargis...

    Wow... U kardash's never cease to amaze me... Yr all awesome people...&& Congrats to whom ever wins...

  • Yohanna baez
    Yohanna baez

    OMG. I'll be so happy if win. I'd love to go on a shopping spree from your collection. That will be a nice bday gift;)

  • teresa

    I really hope I win this contest. I love the clothes. I have kids and I can't barely go shopping. It will be awesome!

  • Bryanna SIlva
    Bryanna SIlva

    I <3 the kardashians clothes!!!

  • Yohanna baez
    Yohanna baez

    Hi, I'm a big fan of you guys. I'd love to win. Cause my bday is on the 17th. That would be a nice, gift. Xoxo!!

  • bolshaya sterling
    bolshaya sterling

    I'm in Panama boo hoo :(

  • Anitzia Ascencio
    Anitzia Ascencio

    Your clothes are extrodinary and great prices. It will be so cool to be a winner of that gift card it will be a honor to wear cloths from that collection. Thank you

  • Amber Kardashian
    Amber Kardashian

    Nooo...I got all excited then but uve got to be a resident of the united states! Being english is shit!

  • Krystal Hanson
    Krystal Hanson

    Hey guys Krystal Here! Huge fan.. who isnt tho! lol i love that Kourtney actually liked my status! that was awsome! :) anywho please pick me! love ya

  • Suellyn

    Oh.. I'm in Australia I wish I could enter:( lol


    I like u ppl show n mostly kim that's all coz we all no there is no lucky winner

  • Farnoosh Irani
    Farnoosh Irani

    in europe :(

  • laureen

    awk cant believe ur comp is only open 2 us residents!!! live in belfast northern ireland n just luv the states.. Im flyin out 2 the states in oct wud it be poss 2 enter my cuz kelly from nc.. as she has just gave birth 2 my gorge wee cuz emery n has no time 2 tweet f/book txt or even shop.. which is such a shame as she luvs 2 keep on top of all the latest news.... luv u guys 2 bits take care..xx

  • Lacy Hazen
    Lacy Hazen

    I love you guys. Your family has such wonderful traits and values. Love all you guys' style and fashion sense.

  • Zanaria mansaray bah
    Zanaria mansaray bah

    Kim doll thanks I'm gonna enter and try to win this xoxoxo :)

  • Francine davis
    Francine davis

    I love u guys im going to enter

  • g

    I lov yur styal, I just lost 114 lbs and can't wait to get new clothes, I'm going to try and win :)

  • memommon

    I would LOVE to do this. I love everything I've seen in this collection but sadly the Sears in my town is only appliance.

  • leigh

    Omg wish I could but I live in england and I love you guys follow me on twitter!! For every one who loves the beautiful khloe kardashian!!!xxxxxxxx

  • nigerianfan

    Nuh fair just united states alone sad much

  • Whitney Tee Price
    Whitney Tee Price

    I love you ladies! All that you do you still remain classy! I love your styles. You all are beautiful ladies! God loves you and so do I!

  • christina s
    christina s

    Luv ur stuff seen it in new yorl ur shop n I'm from la its freakin nice!!!

  • Bree Broomfield
    Bree Broomfield

    I really hope u guys pick me because I think all of y'all are adorable n great role models!!! Love y'all :)

  • sallyjenn

    wow, that's great, i am a very faithful follower of you gals, would love to win anything from you all! thanks for the chance to try!

  • Evelien Wierenga
    Evelien Wierenga

    wish I could join, but I'm from Holland :-(

  • Judith P.Clarke-Nixon
    Judith P.Clarke-Nixon

    The clothes are awesome!

  • ntbutbig

    I need cloths BAD

  • Maria Torres
    Maria Torres

    This is for giveaway

  • Devoni Mooneyham
    Devoni Mooneyham

    My sears doesn't have it either!! What's another way to enter?

  • Maria Marquez
    Maria Marquez

    I'm sooooo gonna enter and try to WIN :D

  • Marlene

    So unfair, you girls should come to Australia!! Xoxo

  • Mel

    you r so beutiful and great I admire you deeply and I must say you nd your sisters are my idols I love you guys

  • Yolanda

    i dont get it....none of this caters to people in the caribbean! are we not fans of u guys either?

  • Tamaira Coleman
    Tamaira Coleman

    LOVE the Kardashians!

  • melissa zea
    melissa zea

    My sears won't have the line till September! How can i enter?

  • silvia Dela Cruz
    silvia Dela Cruz

    Love your styles bubble heads:))

  • Claudia Maimone
    Claudia Maimone

    i would like to win this contest not for me but for my friend whos mom has just past away on August 6th and she was battling breast cancer, M.S.,lukimia,and Namonia. she will be the only girl in her family. We have all been supporting her but this would be a dream come true. Thanks very much!

  • Samantha worsley
    Samantha worsley

    I'm on it!!!! Love u guys:-*

  • i luv da kardashions
    i luv da kardashions

    I wish I would get dat 1000 of gifts of da kardashians I luv them they r so pretty n realy cool.

  • yesenia solis
    yesenia solis

    Hi dolls, pls pick me I need LEOPARD:)

  • Veronica

    The sears in san antonio Texas does not open until September! ! Not fair..... :(

  • coacoa28

    love u aw

  • Brittany O
    Brittany O

    My Sears store doesnt have the line come out until next month but I dont want to miss the giveaway! Can I take a picture with the signs??

  • Jennifer vanhart
    Jennifer vanhart

    Please pick me bc I never can buy myself anything I need to bring in the new fashion all I ever worry about is my kids

  • sofia

    I know a cancer patient that could use this... donate to a good cause.. sure would help someone that truly needs it!

  • Valera Painter
    Valera Painter

    they closed the sears store here in w,va is there another way i can enter

  • lien

    I love ur design clothes

  • yessi

    And Mexico???????? :(

  • Alana Kate Ellis
    Alana Kate Ellis

    Please bring the collection to Australia!!! X

  • Karen

    Man! I live allthee way in the desert in 29 palms, Ca and my hubby is in Afghanistan I haven't seen a Sears anywhere near here that sells clothes only electronics:( I love tge KDash family u guys are awesome :)

  • karen walcott
    karen walcott

    I just love u guy and need to know how tp dress my body type please pick me

  • Brandy

    I love y'all cloths and shoes they fit all the sizes of girls not just the skinny ones Thanks

  • Kirsten x
    Kirsten x

    I would love to purchase your items in the kollection but I live in Scotland and sears don't ship outside America. Please can you look into expanding to Scotland. It would be amazing. Congratulaions Kim. Kirsten x x x

  • Linda thomas
    Linda thomas

    I love all amazing , you are amazing person in my eyes.i very impress watch your show .it good to get know know about you.congr to kim in,her wedding day.

  • sharleen davidson
    sharleen davidson

    hi dolls, i live in new Zealand and watch your program all the time i just love it, but i so wish you guys could bring your design out in new Zealand it would be amazing.

  • Pami Toll
    Pami Toll

    Ive seen some of the pre release of the collection its very chic and fresh and modern.. I am wondering if you will be carrying your line in any plus sizez like 16( which I never felt was a plus .. ) or 18?? When will we find out?I just lost alot of weight and am a 16 and need some new clothes ! Would love to win from your line. Im in chicago have a store in my area and on State Street.. to shop!

  • peta hulin
    peta hulin

    I wanna enter to the contest.. but sears of palmdale, ca doesn't have it yet till setember??? They only have your guys shoes... not fair at all! :/

  • edwina

    I luv you guess

  • Rebecca Olson
    Rebecca Olson

    Love your new collection! So cute!

  • Desiree Kyriacou
    Desiree Kyriacou

    Please open a store in Australia one day. Deffo bringing an empty suitcase to the US next year - first stop, Dash!

  • Anita vega
    Anita vega

    I really enjoy your styles for all different women. All three of you are amazing role models for generations to come... Please look for my pics as they will be posted soon! Bye Dolls :)

  • D'Angel Serrato
    D'Angel Serrato

    I would love to win!!!

  • preety Pru
    preety Pru

    Congrats to kimmy, yo dad wud hev bin so proud of u. Love u gys...Kris u ar a fabulous mom, u rock!

  • Franklin Ohazuruike
    Franklin Ohazuruike

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  • Tharaka

    <3 hi kim aka sexy goddess :mwah im so loving you. :) i wish i can hug you & leave a mwah on to your forehead. But .... :( :$ 10000 USD wish i had :$ 50000 USD of cash then i can buy much needed 2 room house for my family lol. Any way your so sweet keep helping & do thinks like this goddess <3 you always & forever. Mwah :) Oh by the way im a male virgin yep im different & uniq lol :blush

  • Tharaka

    <3 hi kim aka sexy goddess :mwah im so loving you. :) i wish i can hug you & leave a mwah on to your forehead. But .... :( :$ 10000 USD wish i had 50000 of cash then i can buy much needed 2 room house for my family lol. Any way your so sweet keep helping & do thinks like this goddess <3 you always & forever. Mwah :)

  • Hogla Rodriguez
    Hogla Rodriguez

    Pues ke padre ke nos DES la oportunidad de tener algo de ti. Y a mi me gustaria tener algo tu pues muchas Gasias...../;-)"

  • Debra Schlick
    Debra Schlick

    My husband and I went to Miami for our 25th anniversary. We went to dash because I love you guys and we bought a gold heramite bracelet with a circle in the middle with rhinestones. Unfortunantley we bought it as we were leaving and the bracelet it to tight and I have skinny little wrists. I just wanted to have something from dash as I an a huge fan. I was dissappointed that for $120 the bracelet leaves marks on my wrist and i'm afraid to stretch it i'm afraid it will break.

  • Stephanie Feliz
    Stephanie Feliz

    Ple pick me I a big fan of you and I just love you guys so much I watch your show on tv all the time I don't have clothes that fit like yous

  • Brandi Dillion
    Brandi Dillion

    Love all you guys love the show love the collection.. Congrats to Kim & Kris!!!

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    Veronica Nix

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    kimberly Marie Uribe

    Ohhh my! <3 im exited ^.^

  • Mami Chula
    Mami Chula

    i dont have any idea how to tweet, does it count if u take the picture and tag celebuzz on facebook?

  • jackie

    This is so freaken cool.. Its a pity I stay in South Africa :( :(

  • Silvia Perazzo
    Silvia Perazzo

    I posted a comment but I don't see it lol here it is again ! I was just in and purchased KK earrings & fab Neckless ! So exciting totally going back :) love y'all dolls !

  • Kate Edwards
    Kate Edwards

    Would LOVE to enter to win, but I don't have any of ur my FAT ASS looks horrible in pics! Also, does ur collection fit the full figured gals? Good luck with your Kardash-Kollection, I'm sure you gals will do WONDERFUL!

  • Diana Rios
    Diana Rios

    Would love to wear ur clothes...I'm a mother of four and would feel streamly sexy with ur u all

  • Silvia Perazzo
    Silvia Perazzo

    Exciting !!!! I actually was just in :( wish I took pics lol but I did purchase my First KK earrings and a fab Neckless ! I guess I'll have to make another trip :)<333

  • Tamesha Holmes
    Tamesha Holmes

    yall show i love,,,, when yall take miami & new york,,,,, and the kadashins

  • Diana

    :( i want to but i live in Mexico

  • Carolina Boekhoudt
    Carolina Boekhoudt


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    Pam cervantes

    Luv ya Girlies!

  • bigred85

    sounds like fun but we dont have a store like that here in lufkin tx i mean we do but it is nothing but tools lol so guess i am out

  • WTF

    Kim Kardashian's Kollection? KKK? Seriously?!

  • Pam cervantes
    Pam cervantes

    Luv ya Girlies !!!

  • Sharon

    You guys are so down to earth I didnt get on here to win!!Just to say Hello and let yall know a little about me cause I will proably never gett to meet yall!!I'm a single Mom I have 2 kids of my own and A Niece I'm adopting!!They are 9,6,and a son thats 9 months.My girls love yalls show they watch it with me every Sunday night.Yall really encourage me and my family to enjoy and embrass family.I try to influence my own kids just the same way yall do with yours!!Well enough said Yall are wonderful people and God bless!!!From Texas!!!

  • Michaella

    Plz help me I wanna spice things up after having a baby I feel pretty down on myself and I wanna keep my boyfriend..well thinkn I'm still hot. Ijust haven't felt it at all after having my lil girl. So plz help me

  • Gabby

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  • tremaine jonson
    tremaine jonson

    I wish one was at ja

  • Michaella

    Hey girls I watch all of you sexy bitches all the times. I hope I can have the chance to wear some great clothes. I had a baby and now I can't afford anything and I always look like a bum. Even when I got out with my boyfriend I feel really crappy about myself like he is ashame. Idk I been depressed on myself a lot lately cuz I don't anything new and just wanna keep up so my boyfriend thinks I'm that crazy funny outgoing girl he dated before the baby. Plz girls help my out I couldn't be anymore happier if I won something like this cuz let's face it who really wins anything these days. HELP me!

  • Roseller Santos
    Roseller Santos

    I love to join but I from Australia.:(((((

  • kasandra garner
    kasandra garner

    we love you guys we watch all your guys shows every week.. my boyfriend and i love you kloe your the best.

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    Oh no! Wld hv loved to enter d contest but I'm not in USA, I'm in Nigeria. Hope u'll hv something great for ur fans in Nigeria someday, luv u all

  • Irene DeLeon
    Irene DeLeon

    I want to Win! LoL but who doesent. Im such a Fan!!! I have always ben a fan of the Kardashians and my husband has always been a Laker Fan, now we both get to wacth you and Lamar's show together <3.

  • Helena Nymark
    Helena Nymark

    Well..The 31st happens to be my 33rd Birthday..Maybe I will show up at 11:30 ish and do a birthday pose..and maybe I will get lucky and get to go birthday shopping!.. ;-) That would be way nice!

  • marquietta ogletree
    marquietta ogletree

    Kim i love the dress an. I could use the collection if it looks anything like wat u an the girls rockin i will love it

  • Neisha

    What if we don't have a twitter? ... Guess i won't sign up :/

  • Claudia Salinas
    Claudia Salinas

    whats a hashtag?

  • joy

    hey we fuly need a store n nz,should think abot putn sum over here.just love ur show ive wotchd every show an read ya book, so plez think about. thankz love ya.

  • Jennifer Hampton
    Jennifer Hampton

    I just love you guys always looking so fresh any girl would be sooooo lucky to be able to have a part of your line!!!

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    mirta martinez

    I love the collection but I am 7 month pregnant and the doctor put me in bed rest for mine bad luck I can't do it.

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    Emily Ingram

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    alicia gameZ

    Pick me klohe my daddy I be the next kindle my dad know lamar he work on his car before .....

  • jules

    Is love to take a photo of myself with tour clothing line but it isn't in the UK yet! Still waiting for Kims perfume as the 1 store that stocked it sold out ! : c xx

  • Katrina Mixon
    Katrina Mixon

    Love you girls!!!!!

  • enovwor

    Awwwhh.... Am in Nigeria, wish I was in the US

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    brenda valdez

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  • Amiga I will be there
    Amiga I will be there

    I'm going I need to fill sexy and get doll up...

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    Yvonne S.

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  • Varsha Kumar
    Varsha Kumar

    hey kim!! i m a huge fan of urs, bt i feel bad fr me coz, i m frm India n i can't take part in this contest !!! so i m wishing evryone best of luck!!!

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    maryanne boyle

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  • Anita Perfect
    Anita Perfect

    I would love to do this, but back surgery has totally ruined my summer and can't get about too much yet, so keep the competitions coming and maybe one day i will be able to participate. Love you guys. A very strong family who know and get what they want and can handle the press etc: and do it wish such grace and come out on top. Keep up the fantastic work.

  • Justyna

    Unfortunately I live in Poland and there is no Sears. Actually, it's hard to get anything which is signed your name - the only thing left is the internet. I fight for your perfume - hope I'll get them soon! I greet you from the distant Polish cordially!

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  • imad

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  • imad


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    Samantha Scanlon

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  • imad


  • imad


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    nice collection..i lyke that m creazy

  • Nicole

    awwww shucks, I just left the mall, I hit up JC Penny's.... BECAUSE I DON'T shop at cheap azz Sears. Get real! Plus all these items you claim to design were copied from real designers. I don't like ppl who mislead others! Google it if you don't believe me...

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    KayCee Bass


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    veronica hasbun

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    I love u gurls u r my idols. I watch u on tv evrytime deir is something of u on tv. I dnt care if I have seen a thousand times ill keep watching it. My dream is to meet u all. Ur fam is just gorgeous. follow me on twitter @proudmomy19 plz. <3

  • jazmin

    Hi I would love for my daughter to win this wonderful gift. First I have a daughter whom has lupus, n sadly she was admit to the hospital which caused her to lose her employment, its all under investigation, but if we were to look up lupus the first thing it says is try to avoid stress. She wants to continue with lawsuit n all but she don't want to deal with stress. I'm sure this will make her so happy,also her sister my other daughter has been a great help to her, she took a semester of collage to take care of her sister will her illness and help her with her new born baby, since she is a single mom.

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    rosa osuna

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  • Lauren Mauri
    Lauren Mauri

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    Vienni Joy Nicolas Reyes

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    Karol deleon

    I love you guys ! I hope I can win but Im not gonna get to happy cuz I knw i'm not gonna win ! :DD

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    jessica lourenco

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  • Marisa

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