Kim Kardashian & Taylor Lautner Sitting Together at 2011 MTV VMAs

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Looks like newlywed Kim Kardashian will be back from her honeymoon by Sunday -- just in time to attend the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. E!'s own Marc Malkin just tweeted this photo from inside the Nokia Theatre with the caption: "Look who I'm sitting with at @MTV VMA..Kim Kardashian and Taylor Lautner! lololololol." We might have a double take on Sunday evening if the reality star brings her new husband, Kris Humphries. Back in July, Kim joked about Kris being Taylor's doppelganger: 
"Shopping with @krishumphries or Taylor Launter???"

Yesterday, Beyonce was added to the growing list of performers at this year's VMAs, which also includes Adele, Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Young the Giant, Pitbull, Ne-Yo and the night’s opening act, Lady Gaga. The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards air Sunday at 9PM ET/PT.

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  • Susan

    I was just watching the kardashians and I can't believe Kim cried over losing an earring... I really can't believe that anyone no matter how much money u have would even spen 75000 on earrings when people all over the world dont even have a dollar to their name. The way she acted made her look completely ignorant considering what other people have to go through everyday and ur gunna cry over a earring?..

  • Ronnia

    No, the Kardashian's is on Ryan Seacrests' payroll. Please read the ending credits after each show people. Their all in bed with each other.

  • ann

    Wow, now, more than ever!!!!~~ Afflu~ent Sin*gle * c/-0 m ~~ a place connecting millionaire admirers and wealthy people

  • ME

    Of course they are. Her show comes on that channel.

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    Wow, now, more than ever, I'm CONVINCED that E! is on the Kardashian payroll. Lol