Lady Gaga Un-Veils Herself in Sydney (PHOTOS)

Perhaps this is just a little bit of practice for going over-the-top at the upcoming VMAs?

Lady Gaga is in Sydney, Australia, and just in case the Aussies weren’t well versed in the fashion oddity that is Gaga, they got a full dose of it when she stepped out on Wednesday night looking less pop star and more mummy. With a full shoulder-padded dress and her head entirely wrapped in sheer lace, Gaga once again proved that there’s no real boundaries to her style choices. Some days it’s boots and shades. Other days it’s borderline beekeeper.

Gaga will be the opening act at this year’s VMAs, which will air on Sunday, August 28. Whether she’s dressed in cloth or meat, she will surely make her mark at this year’s show.

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