Readers Respond: Do You Think JWoww Went Under the Knife?

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We all know that Jenni “JWoww” Farley has had some work done thanks to her buxom chest, but has she expanded her plastic surgery horizons?

Celebuzz spoke with celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher, who essentially said that she hasn’t had any work done on her face, despite a drastic new look.

So, we decided to take the debate to Facebook to see if our readers believed what the doctor had to say.

Nica S. simply believes that plastic surgery isn’t something JWoww did: “NOPE THATS HARD WORK IN THE GYM !!”

Leera R. thinks that there is something up with her new look: “her body looks good thanks 2 Da gym but have any of u seen her face? her eyebrow are like sky high and her nose is extra narrow so something went on there sorry 2 say.”

Monica D. thinks that JWoww looked good, no matter what: “From this pix it looks like her face has been worked on. I don’t understand she is pretty already no need for More.”

Lisa M. thinks that even if she did, she can if she wants to! “If you want to fix or change something and can afford it…why not? Go For it, Girls!”

Elissa S. thinks it’s undeniable: “Yup looks like she got a face lift or something she looks way different.”

So, what do YOU think? Keep the debate going in the comments!