Taylor Swift Posts Swimsuit Pics From Beaches of Charleston (PHOTOS)

She’s not just an international country pop star, Taylor Swift knows how to have fun too. The 21-year-old country crooner shared some photos on her blog set on the beaches of Charleston, South Carolina goofing off with some gal pals.

In the post, the “Sparks Fly” singer wrote about the fact that since she was eight, she always compiled lists of long term goals, saying to her fans:

“Thanks to you all and your wonderful niceness, I’ve gotten to see most of the places on my list on tour.”

She wrote of this latest trip: 

“I found a three day window in August and invited all the girls you see onstage (one fiddle player, one backup singer, two dancers, three aerialists) to go with me to one of the places on my list (this particular place was underlined, with stars drawn next to it, indicating that I reeeeally wanted to go there): Charleston, South Carolina.”

We just love when our favorite stars get to take time off and relax. Taylor also says that sometimes, she wants to do nothing but watch Friends marathons. We’re pretty sure everyone can agree to that. Check out the candids of Taylor’s fun at the beach and for more pics, go to her blog.

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