Will Hot Bodied Stars Sink or Swim in ‘Shark Night 3D’? (VIDEO)

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Looking for an end-of-summer adventure? Look no further than the theater on September 2nd!

Featuring a young, hot, bikini clad cast including stars Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, and Alyssa Diaz, this film will be turning heads — and maybe stomachs if you can’t handle a little blood and shark attack action! For the record, we think it’s totally worth it.

Director David R. Ellis (Snakes On A Plane), brings you the jam-packed thriller of Shark Night 3D. A group of friends head to the Louisiana Gulf for a fun weekend on the water when their dream vacation turns into a nightmare! The group must soon battle a frenzy of fresh water sharks.

Of course, it’s not all bad times. Watch the gang get the party started below:

Will you be waiting in line to catch Shark Night 3D?