Five Disaster Movies to Get You Through Hurricane Irene

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By now you've probably heard that Hurricane Irene is set to pummel its way up the East Coast this weekend, putting major metropolitan cities like New York and Boston in rare and serious danger. Reports indicate that over 55 million people could be affected by the storm, which makes it sound like we're about to experience some type of apocalypse seen only in the movies.

Will that actually happen? Hopefully not. But if you're in or near any of the affected areas, you may be huddled inside for a few days and will thus need to find ways to pass the time. What better way to do that than by watching a bunch of disaster movies? Below, check out a few classic disaster movies to help you weather the storm.

Independence Day, 1996

In which Will Smith prevents aliens from destroying the entire world. Sure, it's not a weather movie, but it's still great ... No wonder he and Jada were able to survive those pesky divorce rumors.


Twister, 1996

If you thought Hurricane Irene looked bad, try dealing with an F-5 tornado - or, even worse, Helen Hunt.

Titanic, 1997

Sure, it's corny, but what better way to watch a ship go down than with a little romance? Plus, we'll admit that Celine Dion song is still pretty good.

Armageddon, 1998

It's Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis and Aerosmith to the rescue when an asteroid the size of Texas targets Planet Earth.

The Day After Tomorrow, 2004

In a sign that we'll never be as awesome as Jake Gyllenhaal, the hunky actor takes on a storm that pretty much destroys all of Manhattan -- and lives to tell the tale.

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  • YO

    I actually think this is semi-offensive. I'm sure you are living inland and are not worried about losing your home/family. I live on waterfront property in New York and this is very offensive to me and my family who might lose everything.

  • Aya

    This is funny. Just a couple of hours ago I was telling my mom that there'll probably be a spike in rentals for these kinds of movies, especially The Day After Tomorrow. I don't think it's smart since they'll probably psych themselves up in advance but to each his own.

  • Chelsey Horstmann
    Chelsey Horstmann

    I don't think watching a disaster movie is a good idea when people are actually faced with a potential disaster. I don't know if it's just me, but I think that would just scare me more.