Check Out an Exclusive Sneak Peek From the Season Finale of ‘Degrassi’! (VIDEO)

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In this exclusive sneak peek from Degrassi: Now or Never’s season finale, Holly J (Charlotte Arnold) and Fiona (Annie J. Clark) seem to get into a bit of a tiff about who Fiona is taking to prom.

So, what other drama is going down on the season finale?

In the episode,Take a Bow Pt. 1, (airing at 9 PM on TeenNick next week), the synopisis is:

“Prom is three days away! Holly J and Anya both have just-a-friend consolation dates for prom (Sav and Riley respectively)… so where does that leave Fiona? The only consolation date she can think of — Charlie — graduated high school years ago. But maybe it’s worth a shot?

Anya’s reached her goal: she’s been accepted into the army! Which means basic training! Starting in two weeks! And Anya can’t even do one chin-up! Gulp. Luckily, she knows someone who knows something about training: Owen.

Yay, Drew and Katie are prom-bound! Which, as Marisol helpfully informs Katie, means Drew will obviously expect sex. Katie’s terrified… she’s barely ever even kissed a boy. Will she just have to get over her fears if she wants to keep Drew?”

We have a feeling that whatever it takes, we know they can make it through!

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