‘Jersey Shore’ Brawl: Situation and Ronnie Fight (VIDEO)

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Years of drunken tension among the roommates of MTV’s Jersey Shore finally hit the tipping point on Thursday night’s episode, as an argument between The Situation and Ronnie led to a major fistfight inside of the reality show’s Florence abode.

After another disagreement between erratic couple Ronnie and Sammi led to Sammi spilling the beans about Sitch’s constant undermining and back-talking about Ronnie, the seems-to-always-be-in-a-fistfight was lured in by a screaming-and-spitting Situation. After a full-on Jersey showdown, Ronnie charged with fists blazing, eventually picking up Mike and tackling him.

The footage then cut out, because — you guessed it — the rest will air during the next episode right before the VMAs on Sunday evening at 7pm EST.