Joe Jonas Is Feeling Blue for MTV World Stage in Mexico (PHOTOS)

No matter what country Joe Jonas is in, when he's on stage there's thousands of outstretched hands looking for just a fleeting touch of the now-solo singer.

Jonas rocked the crowd in Mexico City on Thursday night, performing for the 2011 MTV World Stage series. Clad in an almost-pastel blue suit, Joe worked the stage's catwalk which was surrounded by throngs of fans who all reached upward as Joe took his position at the end of the stage on a stool.

And when Joe tweeted on Thursday that "It's like a #MTV weekend," he's pretty much right. Joe will go from Mexico City to Los Angeles this weekend so he can be in the house for Sunday night's VMAs -- which Celebuzz will be covering in full force. Come back to us Sunday night starting at 8pm EST for all of the fashion, music and awards coverage you can imagine. And if you haven't already, please do join our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages!



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  • Andrea Imperial
    Andrea Imperial

    ohhh my gosh your so awesome joe that's why i love the three of you all of you make me rock! keep on rocking the world ! I Love You guys!

  • Sandy

    I love Joe :') he's great..his style is SO good..SEXY!!

  • n

    i hate joe in a suit they never look good on him pleaaaaaaaaase leaave them to nick :D

  • marian

    i would like to buy a Joe ken with that suit HE LOOKS SOOO SEXY!

  • Anna

    I love Joe

  • Anna

    H-O-T!!!!!!!!! Joe has is a very good style.